Tennis Passion

Playing tennis is a passion for me. I play several times a week and almost never get enough of it. But not everything about tennis is about winning. (Pretty sure that will make ALL my friends laugh a bit, my husband, kids, and family members too!) Seriously, friendship and camaraderie has become a huge part of why I’m so passionate about playing tennis. My tennis friends have given me huge support since I embarked on the entrepreneurial journey called Wristpect Sport!

I am lucky enough to play tennis on several teams that take me to courts all across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Wherever we go to play my friends check out the pro shops for WS products. They are always delighted to share with me a WS sighting on our opponents or on others playing at the tennis centers where we have played. Several times I even have played against someone I did not know wearing WS wristbands. My tennis partners have asked them about their wristbands to hear their honest critiques before they shared that I am one of the company’s owners. Luckily they’ve always been great reviews or that could be awkward!

Last week at a team tournament we took a moment between matches as my friend staged an impromptu photo op of wristbands!

I even had a good friend take pictures of a match on TV when they spied a WS wristband on WTA player Kaia Kanepi!

The most meaningful part of this to me is not just that these friends wear WS wristbands and t-shirts, but that they endorse them. Because my friends are quality, successful, smart, and capable women who tell it like it is and are not fake. Their opinions really matter to me. I feel like Sally Fields who once said while accepting an Oscar, “You like me you really like me!”

Tennis was not always my sport passion but it clearly is now and I owe it to being able to share it with my friends who are equally passionate about friendships and this game.

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