What Tennis Partners REALLY say about each other!

Solid, supportive, silly, seasonal, and/or successful; these are just some of the attributes a doubles partnership can encompass in the game of tennis.Two people are nearly, ‘boxed in’ side by side attempting to cover a concrete area 36’ X 39’ feet. Sounds reasonably simple but there’s an art to a tennis partnership. It’s like a marriage and just like the journey; the game exposes each player’s warts, weaknesses, willingness to work together and mind set for winning.

After playing the game for many years, I can say with confidence that at any level (recreational, club, collegiate or pro's) both men and women doubles players want to WIN! But it's the traits those players possess and their chemistry that up a teams chances for the 'W!'

So 'lean in' and let's eavesdrop a little on what successful partners really say about each other!

Find out why Tricia Marolf and Sue Berry--out of Florida --are not just two women expressing themselves ‘overly emotionally’--their words could be said by any successful dynamic doubles team anywhere in the world, at any level--male or female!

Tricia Marolf words on doubles partner Sue Berry:

  “It will be a delight to explain why Sue and I have such a great partnership:
  1. Sue is a very good tennis player who just had her early rating bump her to a 4.0, need I say more?
  2. She NEVER shows her disappointment in my play, nor I in hers when one of us is off, we always blame ourselves and never each other!!!  I have never, ever heard a negative word, even on my worst day, when we play together.  Nor any negative body language (eye rolling, shoulder shrugs, heavy sighs...), which I have gotten from many other partners even when they made as many or more errors.
  3. Sue is fun and makes being on the court with her so much fun and we are always laughing at something.
  4. She is extremely respectful and fair with all her opponents so I never have to worry about confrontations with other players who may be lacking sportsmanship.
  5. Sue is extremely generous!!!  My Wristpect wrist bands were gifts from her as well as many other wonderful things over the years, including the souvenir towel she got for me while in Arizona for Nationals last year!!!!”

Sue Berry’s words on partner Tricia Marolf:

 “I can add very little to what Tricia said except it is always a pleasure to play with Tricia…

  1. It is so comfortable. Tricia comes to every match with a big smile on her face, upbeat, and with a positive attitude.
  2. She always feels that we can pull out a win no matter who was on the other side.   if we are down 1-5 (which has happened), the victory is ours.
  3. Tricia adds so much energy to the match which is always a motivation for me. 
  4. We've had so many BIG wins together over the years at Sectionals in Daytona (Huge win in the Finals that made us qualify for the Nationals) and in the Nationals itself this past fall in Arizona. 
  5. It was at the Nationals though when we played TWO teams (where one partner berated the other on the court during the match) that we truly realized what a good partnership was and how blessed WE were to have it.”
    Tricia and Sue consider each other: ‘BPE’s’: Best Partners EverWe call it a Dynamic Duo and celebrate those exact words through our fashionable wristband patterns and colors! 

    Wristpect Sport shares a picture of ladies league doubles partners

      Tricia Marolf and Sue Berry have the respectful understanding needed of any successful partnership…they know each must possess:

      1. no underlying criticism,
      2. no intent to blame
      3. Nor have any breaches of solidarity when not in each other’s presence...because when in the heat of competition, all athletes are still human and that means each of us has to be brave enough to own our own good, bad and/or ugly moments of play. In essence, we have to be able to let it all hang out yet know our partner stands at our side regardless of the outcome.

      Unfortunately, it's time for these partners to 'split sets' as they now face the reality of Tricia's recent move to St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands). Each will be playing with different partners in their respective geography but we smile hearing that they're already thinking like WINNERS; they now have their eye on possible Florida AND Caribbean team appearances at forthcoming National events! Nationals would afford a chance for their friendship to come full circle by being on court, again--even if it meant across the net from one another.

      Sue and Tricia may have subconsciously known this day was coming. They snapped this picture of themselves wearing our

      Winners/Circle wristband set!

      Winners do stick together, friends stick together and things do come full circle in life! 

      Here's to NATIONALS ladies! 

      Send us your encouraging words about your partners and teammates.This is OUR sport, collectively, and we enjoy sharing real world stories for all to enjoy!


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