Tennis Costumes- The Halloween Edition

Does some on court tennis fashion frighten you? Does sweat scare you?

Relax. We’re neither frightened nor scared of either! We kinda make it our business here at Wristpect Sport to develop tasteful fashionable accessories while chasing the good endorphins of sweat!

It’s the beginnings of fall and with the introduction of the season we see the make up of Halloween while Mother Nature’s vistas start their changes in color.

Reality check…

…Fall means, we’re all gonna see a lot of black and orange creeping up the next few weeks!

So it shouldn't shock you that we're showcasing some of our favorite spins on black and orange.

And if "all the world is a stage" then tennis players perform on a stage each time they step on court; it's where we sport our COSTUMES!

Wristpect Sport Tennis Costumes- The halloween Edition

Take a look at how you can integrate the festiveness of orange and black into your tennis attire for:

  • Fun Halloween team party gifts
  • Tennis Mixer costume contests, etc. 

Bethanie Mattek Sands donned a refreshing light hue of orange by way of both her ‘electric melon’ hair color and a melon orange skirt at the recent 2015 US Open! She topped that off with a balance of clean white lines yet in true Bethanie style added a bit of edginess in black with our ‘Infinity’ black and white wristband (Getty). 

Bethanie continued her successes on tour throughout the year and pounced with the fierceness of a black cat during worldwide WTA tournaments, often opting for all black ensembles and pairing them again with the versatility of our Infinity wristband and/or our Kaleidoscope wristband (shown at the end of this story--hint hint). 

Here Wristpect Sport junior athlete Katy, sneaks in a splash of black and white with our Snow Leopard wristband to pair with her soft pink top--- revealing both her spots, AND fashion savvy to her opponents! 

And if you’re not too ‘Chicken L’orange’ during this spooky time of year (sorry, I had to), you could go BOLD and bring a little orange to the scene by accessorizing with our X/Games, World/Peace and/or Hippie/Peacock wristband sets as accents to your team uniforms or outfits. 

Enchant and delight…by topping off your cute skirts, shorts or jeans with a bewitching tennis themed black or orange Wristpect Sport t-shirt or top!

Finally, we leave you with a mysterious guest shown wearing our Kaleidoscope wristband. This wristband comes infused with black, depths of grey and white accents. And let us just say, the tattoos are not a costume! Guess who?

Bottom line: Beware of what you wear this season and always. And never be afraid to show ALL YOUR colors!

SIDE NOTE TO THE READER: While writing this, I realized, black and orange have come full circle for me. They were the colors that ushered me into the game of tennis ‘back in the day.’ Specifically, my high school tennis team’s uniform had us wearing ---what I would call classic Halloween black and orange. From our team jackets, skirts, and turtlenecks (tennis in Chicago is COLD) you couldn’t miss the black and orange of the Wildcats!


(Wristpect Sport is not claiming ownership or rights to any internet images used in this story.All photo's are given credit when credit is known either via their original image 'stamps' and/or here in the footnote. Getty, Jimmy48 Photography)    

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