Thursdays is #TBT day. For those of you not on Facebook that’s Throw Back Thursday.

I enjoy a good #TBT post especially one that pictures something I remember wearing or wishing I had worn. So many times have I seen a picture of someone and thought 'I remember that hairstyle or that _____ …!'

Today I saw this post from TennisIdentity:

#TBT Adidas ad from the 1970s.

Tennis Identity

I remember buying my first tennis shoes dedicated to basketball and they were white/red Adidas shoes (a lot like the ones in the TI post), and while I sported my Adidas with pride, my teammates wore Puma and NIKE and Keds. (Where I grew up we used the term ‘tennis shoe’ for all athletic shoes.)

High school basketball is a real throw back (for me ’77) and we needn’t go that far to find fashion statements. I remember my first tennis skirt (’99) was some polyester blend with a zipper and pleats, lots of pleats and NO built in shorts! (Not unlike the formidable cheerleader skirt that I secretly admired in high school.) I am SO glad I don’t have a picture to post of me in that! What I can post is one from my past sporting my then favorite shoe Adidas and the formerly stylish tube sock not to be confused with the now stylish (Bethanie Mattek-Sands) compression socks.

Wristpect Sport style

Fashion can be fickle. Pleats/no pleats, ruffles/no ruffles, no built in shorts/built in shorts, built in bras/no built in bras! What is a girl to wear? Certainly there are enough choices for everyones' taste. For me comfort reigns, but not too comfy (no baggy shorts and worn out T-shirt) because even in recreational tennis I think I should dress for success. (I may not win but I’m going to look good losing!)

And for everyone who knows me, they know I’m all about coordinating. From my hat/visor to my shoes and laces I like my colors to zen. And since I work for a sweat management company, I always wear a coordinating Wristpect Sport wristband!

Why would you ever want to wear this...     white wristbands 

...when you could wear one like this?

 (CLICK for: Winners/Circle wristband set)


Sweat hard, however do it fashionably!

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