Tennis and Technology

Now with a title like that you may be thinking I will comment on the value of Shot Spot or perhaps using some new technology for all line calls that eliminates the need for human line callers. Or maybe that there is some new gismo that can assess your tennis swing by adhering to your racquet. You couldn’t be further from the truth!

Actually what made me think of technology and tennis is a photograph. I was remembering my first tennis skirt and wishing I had a picture of it. (Admittedly I am slightly relieved I don’t since I fear I did not look as good in it as I thought I did when I bought it!)

Tennis skirt

As I thought back to when I bought that skirt it was in 1999 just after I joined my first tennis league—gotta look the part right?

At that time captains really earned their pay. So many phone calls and hand written notes because our results were not posted anywhere. I believe it was in 2001 our leagues first went online, or up in lights as my friends and I say. Since then all league schedules are available online as are all the results. EVERYONE knows when, where, who, and HOW you played! Such a time saver for captains! No more phone calls to get results. That’s the good news, and it’s all good news if all you ever do is win. Me? Not so much!

We thought we went big time when we could email schedules and communicate without calling absolutely everyone every week. But then came the advent of data and text messaging. (I have to admit when my kids first wanted to add text messaging on their phone plans I thought this a foolish gimmick that would NEVER catch on! Silly me!) Now with text messaging captains text all the latest to everyone! Running late? Text your captain and no one worries!

Before I close let me shamelessly plug and for the great things they’ve done to make the captain’s job easier. If you are a captain and you are reading this please do check them out, my captain loves them. This is technology at its best!

So back to the photograph and what it has to do with tennis and technology. Who doesn’t carry their phone with them? Yes even to tennis matches. Who can’t take pictures on their phone? Ask yourself this question, ‘when was the last time the day went by that you didn’t take a picture?’ Maybe I’m unusual but I take pictures ALL THE TIME. Could be a screen shot of something on Facebook, or a label of something I want to remember to buy or remember the name of, on vacation, my dog looking adorable, or look below and see my tennis team being crazy and wild and funny because we played at this tennis center and well just could not resist! This is technology making my tennis team memories last in living color!

HEB Tennis center Corpus Christi

Ten years from now I am certain that I will have a lot more pictures to choose from for any #TBT post!

That’s my spin on Tennis and Technology!

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