Thankful for Tennis

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All of the characters here on staff at Wristpect Sport are thankful to have been playing tennis for over 50+ years combined.

Like anyone, we had to start in one place to get to another place with the level of our play(we won’t charge you extra for that profound yet random thought)!

Translation: we were beginners!

Though very competent athletes who had played our fair share of basketball, soccer, softball, etc. we whiffed plenty of yellow orbs when we started the game! But call it the hand eye coordination challenge, the quick lateral movements, the feeling of angling a volley off court at will, or leaving someone baffled while acing them down the ‘T,’ we got hooked on tennis and have been playing ever since.

We’ve literally woven the art of the game into the very fabric of our lives!

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During this wonderful month of Thanksgiving, we’re sharing 11 reasons why we’re thankful for tennis:

  1. It allows for an outlet of our athletic abilities, keeps us healthy and lets us feel the burn!
  2. It’s gentler than playing in the NFL (which was a dream for one of us as a young girl)
  3. It has allowed for travel within our own cities, state and beyond! Even to Hawaii during college tennis spring break!
  4. It is every bit intellectual as physical and forces our gerbils to find a way!
  5. It makes us look within to see who we are, what we can do and how we respond in a variety of situations
  6. It’s something we can keep playing until we’re 100+. And we think we’ll look great in Asics, Nike and Adidas tennis shoes, Wristpect Sport wristbands, space age tennis apparel and wrinkly suntanned skin!
  7. It opened the door for our unique tennis accessory company to be born
  8. It is a great way to make lasting friendships
  9. It has allowed for the introduction to some of the greats of the sport: Billie Jean King, Bethanie Mattek Sands, Phillip Farmer, WTT players, and such
  10. Our 'customers' seem more like friends and teammates since we get to talk to, hear from, and receive pictures/emails from so many of them! They make us feel welcome to go outbound to them and they in turn feel they can contact us. Together, we are growing a family of tennis enthusiasts and sweat lovers. 
  11. The game is no longer a game. This great sport is woven into all that we do. We enjoy it, respect it and honor that it is the sport of love.

We give thanks to all that play, follow and support the game and our company!

Below…yep, right down there…you can comment and share why YOU'RE thankful for tennis! We enjoy hearing from you all!

Wristpect Sport HAppy Thanksgiving Wishes for tennis lovers

(A little whimsy and nostalgia was used with the 'All/Heart' wristband pictured above. This red and lightly tinged pink wristband came as part of a set. Thanks to our loyal customers, it SOLD OUT quickly due to the number of tennis players out there playing with ALL HEART!)

 Happy Thanksgiving!


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