You’ve been there. You’re on court playing against an opponent and though you're laser focused you pick up on things they do that make them a real turkey!

Wristpect Sport shares a whimsical image on 'Turkey Tennis'

It's natural for good athletes to have an awareness of the minute details all around them: basketball players are aware of who’s behind them for behind the back passes, golfers ears and eyes are like that of dogs and eagles, and tennis players--from novice to pros-- tune the eye to focus on a relatively small ball and painted lines all over the court grounds. In fact, a tennis court is like a stage and each actor in the play-- while albeit very focused— can and does notice court dynamics. 

 BUT, top athletes don't fall prey. They learn to rise above, disarm and tune out turkeys!

Below, we’ve scratched out a list of a few things Tennis Turkey’s do to try to ruffle feathers:

1Whether they’re winning or losing, Turkey Tennis players don’t announce the score OR flip the  scorecards.

I’ll admit, back in junior and collegiate tennis, it was no fun to announce the score or flip cards when you’re getting trounced and your coach is roving nearby, but it’s the etiquette of our sport! It helps prevent general chaos and aids coaches, teammates and family with knowing how much help (and/or prayer) you may need from them. I'll take every positive thought I can get from the crowd!

2. Turkey Tennis players sometimes arrive at the start of a match wheeling a flight- attendant-like-bag on the court

Really? Does their back hurt? Is it part of their strategy?  We’re content to sling that monster bag over our shoulder and enter, relaxed with adrenaline…a little swag, yet centered. But trust me, we've learned to respect flight attendants as they have a real love for the sport and can carve you up if you're not on top of your game, mind and nerves! (In hindsight, maybe this does not make them a turkey but it has had us wondering in the past...and that very well could be their intention?)

3. And, finally the stuff (ing) that really means you’re up against a Turkey Tennis player: The limp handshake at the net, post match.

Whether they’ve won or lost, we’ve experienced Turkey Tennis players that offer only their fingers, or a collapsed hand.

Respect our great sport…no matter what, shake hands like John Wayne, look ‘em in the eye and learn from the moment.

Image of tennis player shaking hands by Wristpect Sport

As you continue to work on your inner tennis game our advice would be: don’t gobble at OR with, a Turkey Tennis player! Just play your game, be a class act and learn to throw turkey ‘feed’ out the window AND out of your mind because...

 …honestly, tennis is a lovely sport played in the quiet of the mind, with little said (save for the score), while sweating like a PIG!

PARTING THOUGHT: While writing this I felt certain the list would be slightly longer (?)… maybe tenure, maturity and confidence has prevented much from penetrating the mind? Proof purchase that we would rather sink our teeth into a healthy competitive battle of sport rather than a turkey!


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