Speed Limit

There are some limits that can be good, for example speed limits, tax limits and maybe spending limits. To me, the worst kinds of limits are those that are self-imposed, when self says, “I can’t do that because…” Admittedly when I look back my big regrets are the times I told myself I couldn’t do something because I thought I was too young or too old, or didn’t have the right skillset. I needlessly limited myself. I have seen where others like me did what I dared not do mostly because they never thought they shouldn’t or couldn’t. They were limitless.

I met a woman the other day at a tennis event. She lit up as she told me about playing tennis at 80. 80!!! I swear she didn’t look a day over 70 either! Such a smile as she told me that she still wins! The point is she doesn’t care what her age is, only that she is doing what she wants to do, PLAY TENNIS! She doesn’t let anyone least of all herself tell her she’s too old. She personifies limitless.

My best friend suffered a rare condition that destroyed the cartilage in her knee and made playing tennis nearly impossible and eventually led her to have a partial knee replacement. Many thought she should have been happy with her old knee and with walking rather than risk surgery to hopefully play again. Well I’m happy she did not listen to limits because I would have lost my favorite tennis partner. She embraced limitless.

Taking the idea to transform a sweatband into a fashionable accessory wasn’t easy. The how to’s of designing, manufacturing, and distributing have been endless. But we chose to not limit ourselves. We chose to take the plunge that resulted in Wristpect Sport and our WRISTBANDS UNLEASHED! We still have hurdles, we still have challenges, and we daily are beset with limits that we meet head on to overcome.

Wristpect Sport Wristbands Unleashed 

With one month left in 2015 what limits you? Is it you? What will inspire you to unleash your passions and crush what limits you?

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