Tennis & Sport Holiday Gift Idea #8 (12 Days of Christmas)

This time of year, most of us write the seasonal word as, 'Christmas,' however in our fast paced world some may write it as, 'X-mas.' Regardless, it's simply a meaningful time of year in many different forms for all of us and we should celebrate!

And while we're sentimental to the full spelling of the word, we will say sometimes 'X' DOES mark the spot! Our X/Games double wristband set is designed specifically for tennis, yoga, running, kick-boxing or any sport that involves sweat! The lines and striations forming an 'X' in these daring couture like patterns-- with feisty accent colors --were purposefully placed and offer unique depth to any sport wardrobe!   

Wristpect Sport X/Games wristband set


CLICK the ornament to activate details for SAVING!

Free Shipping available this holiday from Wristpect Sport



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