Tennis & Sport Holiday Gift Idea #9 (12 Days of Christmas)

Ho, Ho, Ho…

HOpe you have all your shopping done!
HOpe you enjoy the holidays!
HOpe is a good thing!

We're the careful kind here at Wristpect Sport, we choose wisely and want that 1 special thing that will really make an impact with our recipients when holiday gift giving. But decisions are tough, and we feel great fortune that sometimes we can afford to give  a 'few somethings' simply because they ALL may tell a story, or remind us of that special person we are giving to!

So, choose wisely, or choose nothing ---yep, that's right you don't need to buy anything from us--- but if you have a really sweaty friend OR you think a few of our wristbands will be a hit with your other health and exercise lovers, then go for it, buy a Santa Bundle!

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