Finding A Tennis Playing Partner in a Smart Phone World

Tennis Central Mobile App as shared by Wristpect Sport

"Wanna hit today?"

That's the lingo used by nearly every junior, collegiate and adult tennis player around the globe. When it's offered ---at least for me, it has the enthusiasm, bright eyed, tongue lolling look of an eager black lab dog. Try asking someone to "hit" in a casual manner; it doesn't happen! Tennis players need their fix!


Tennis Players in a pickle

What can you do? Enter Tennis Central.

Tennis Central defines tennis as a 'gift' that they want to share as far reaching and with as many people as possible. And because tennis minds are clever and shrewd some tennis player said, "There's gotta be an app for 'that'!" So on went the lab coats (not black labs in this case…the scientific kind), and some really smart people developed a FREE iPhone and Android app that's intuitive and easy to use. This is a powerful function to have as die hard players!

Just look for the Tennis Central app logo via the app store on your smart phone. 

Tennis Central's app icon as shared by Wristpect Sport

Now, because apps are all about 'the visual' lets see what you get with Tennis Central:

#1 First, you have to have a place to play, right? Aside from refreshing your mind about other courts in your area, this little feature could also work great if you're in a new city and need to warm up somewhere for an event. 

Tennis Central's iPhone app to find courts

#2 Now the meat of the app…finding and connecting to other players. This function lets you live a little! Find someone who 'gets you' AND your slice backhand, 'luck' your way into finding THE doubles partner of a lifetime…get on the courts more because you have more 'go-to' players to choose from!

 Tennis Centrals iPhone app feature for connecting to tennis players

#3 Scheduling a match is super easy. Define if you want singles, doubles, mixed. Then, decide if you want a casual or competitive match OR just a practice. Pick your court, date, time, and go play!

Tennis Central's iPhone app details shared by Wristpect Sport 

 #4 This is where Tennis Central shows their serve AND volley! The app offers a way to find an instructor and/or allows you to view 100's of tennis videos and lessons FREE! So, you could brush up on a technique in your jammies the night before a match. FREE night school for tennis players…genius! 

Tennis Central's iPhone app details shared by Wristpect Sport

 Finally, spread the love by sharing your tennis updates, new friendships, etc on Facebook!

Tennis Central's iPhone app details shared by Wristpect Sport

 Tennis Central is clearly doing something right! They have over 20,000 Facebook followers and the app is backed by ATP #10 in the world Kevin Anderson and other touring pro's. This is an iPhone product that has been well thought out!

ATP Pro Tennis Player Kevin Anderson's image shared by Tennis Central & Wristpect Sport

Ladies, lean in…Tennis Central does Facebook giveaway's and contests from time to time.

Right now YOU could WIN a FREE tennis backpack from Glove It!

Naturally Wristpect Sport will be offering some FREE goodies too-so stay tuned!

(P.S. Tennis Central has a real human touch and also offer their users this: 

"Aside from the digital realm, Tennis Central has also become one of the leading organizations for hosting live tennis events. As a free app user, members get notifications about festivals, tournaments, and other fun tennis activities that Tennis Central has organized in their area.")

Well, my yellow tennis ball chasin' friends, Tennis Central really could be our best and loyal faithful friend!

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