Tennis Players are Seeing RED!


Wristpect Sport Valentine heart graphic for Tennis Players are Seeing Red blog story

STOP in the name of LOVE!

You emailed…you wrote positive creative reviews and comments…but you didn't WINE; rather you asked nicely for the color RED to be infused into the designs of our clever tennis and sport wristbands, for your tennis team uniforms and workout fashion.

So RED ROVERRED ROVER come on over, we're RED-y to serve up the color of love in our next wristband collection! 

O.k., can you tell we're in the mood for Valentines Day and thinking all things red?!

Intuitively we've known how important red is in sport. Whether it's Tiger Woods showing he's going for the jugular in the final rounds of a major, or it's the red dirt of Paris clay flying, or a little red sports car making the laps at the Grand Prix, the gravitational pull towards this hearty color is undeniable for all kinds of athletes! 

Wristpect Sport is now steady at work finalizing new designs for 2016 play. We're continuing to look at how we can create functional and fashionable accessories that you can get HEARTY wear out of while looking good! We view the annual evolution of our wristband patterns, and the love put into the products we design for all athletes as, Sweat Refashioned™! 

2016 Wristpect Sport! collection coming soon...

We love the one's we're with! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!



Red foil candy heart image expressing Wristpect Sport's love of customers 




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