Tennis Players Strike a Pose (a little DAB will do ya)


Wristpect Sport shares image of Lucas Brown in the dab pose

(Wristpect Sport Athlete Lucas Brown showing the DAB pose)

It was the Ice Age. Tennis greats like Chris Evert (A.K.A, The Ice Maiden), Bjorn Borg, (sometimes even Ivan Lendl) and other mentally tough Inner Tennis type players made being poker faced the in thing. No one showed their heart on their sleeve for the winners they struck, and certainly not for their errors! Then one guy, Jimmy Connors entered the picture and he showed it all! Connors' primal pelvic gyrations and fist pumps let everyone know he had just hit THE shot he wanted! He stole the moment and celebrated with his poses, his way!

Wristpect Sport shares an image of Jimmy Connors celebrating a winning shot

  (Photo from 80's

Now, players like Victoria Azarenka are taking cues from football players like Cam Newton and having some fun with their winners on court by doing the DAB pose.

Image Victoria Azarenka dabbing pose

(Photo from ESPN archive) 

Wristpect Sport athlete Lucas Brown is a super humble guy (and actually a bit shy) but he's finding the fun in celebrating winners AND winning tennis matches and tournaments with his family and friends by….well...dabbling with the dab, and creating his OWN pose/s!

Here Lucas shares his recent successes at the USTA National Selection Level 2 tournament held in Austin, Tx. Lucas was a finalist in Boys 12's Singles and won fourth place in Boys 12's doubles. He's trekking along rather well with his 2016 Goals at this rate! What a great kid! Lucas further showed his spirit by wearing our Free Spirit wristband set throughout tournament play!       

     Wristpect Sport Athlete Lucas Brown in Dab pose Wristpect Sport Athlete Lucas Brown in the dab pose Wristpect Sport Athlete Lucas Brown shown wearing his medals from his USTA wins

We'll be sharing more photos of Lucas, and other WS athletes as we get them and will be interested to find out what unique poses they come up with!

Do you have a signature pose when you hit a winner? It doesn't have to be the dab- just a fun pose that can be shared with our collective family of tennis lovers.

Celebrate the fun of this game by emailing your photos to and title them 'My DAB POSE Candidate'

 Until we sweat again...





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