A BIG Return in Doubles Tennis!

Having a BIG return of serve is key in tennis BUT sometimes...

...there is a BIG return of a players support team that is necessary!

Necessary to get the players confidence and mojo back. Necessary because there is a mutual respect and love of each other and the sport. Or necessary because that coach, that leader just gets you (and your twin brother in this case). And that's just what has taken place for the winningest men's doubles team in the world!

Yes, Bob and Mike Bryan (twins) are back with their original coach to aid them with their focus and to get them back at the VERY top of the professional tennis tour as they both play out the '5th' set of their careers. Time gets all of us and the Bryan's are no exception. Currently at the age of 38 they now have families, children, etc but they're still hungry to smash not only aces and overheads but more records in men's professional tennis!

What many don't know is that the Bryan's steady and yet seemingly rocketed rise in tennis started with a gentle giant of a coach and all round great soul in Philip Farmer. 

Why do we know this story so well? Philip Farmer is none other than a well respected local Texas resident and teaching pro who's taught everyone in our town from juniors, to collegiate caliber to ladies league players and yes, many a pro circuit player. He hangs at the clubs, endures the up's and down's of being a teaching pro while being a super nice approachable guy! He has an equally kind mother also known and liked in our tennis community who shares his same quirky yet consistent ways with players of all levels. 

Philip Farmer was there when Wristpect Sport started and wanted to know how he could help!

Philip wore our wristbands, let us interview and video him and told others about our unique wristband accessories. He stayed vigilant for the younger players he coached and toured with and who he believed would enjoy our unique tennis fashion accessory. Together Philip and team Wristpect Sport knew the confidence boost that comes to a young player when they get coached by a top instructor AND get 'sponsored' by a tennis brand like Wristpect Sport. 

Philip Farmer Coach of the Bryan Brothers

(Philip being the fun soul he is, spontaneously jammed as MANY Wristpect Sport wristbands as he could on his arm during our interview of him!)

Folks things always come full circle in life and we're proud and happy for Philip being back with the Bryan Brothers (A.K.A. the wolf pack as shown below). This group makes tennis better! And 'hear, hear' to Philip-thank you!

Bryan Brothers & Philip Farmer

Just after writing this story, Philip was in town and asked to visit with us. A Valentines Day visit with Philip Farmer is never a bad thing! 

Team Wristpect Sport with Philip Farmer


CLICK below to watch a fun court side interview (compliments of FloSports) with Philip Farmer:




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