Accessorizing Your Tennis Outfit by Playing Paper Dolls

I love white apparel! And not because I'm a tennis player; or at least I don't think it's because of my tennis background...

My fav outfit incorporating white is a feminine cut white Tee with a beloved pair of blue jeans, and cowboy boots. But I also love white jackets from mid length belted, to jean jacket to trench.

But I always have to offset WHITE with a pop of COLOR!

Enter Living Magazine (a publication to the residents of North Dallas area). There I was thumbing through when I saw an article titled 'Join the Club.' Naturally, since our brand involves supplying accessories to country clubs I zipped to the page to check it out. The subtitle read:

'Summer's almost over, but it's not too late to tap into on this season's biggest trends. With timeless chic pieces in an all-white palette, you'll always be on par.'

Whew, based on that info, I'm good to wear white on the courts AND continue in Texas style with boots, jeans and a white Tee, POST SUMMER!

Then, I landed on this page with the model in 'tennis mode.'

Tennis Model from Living Magazine Join the Club article

Cute pic, cute girl but...a blazer? We reserve white blazers for Mr. Roger Federer at Wimbledon as he looks dapper and way more in his element. Heels? A grip on the racket like it's never been held before? Uhm?

So I decided to have a little fun and play an electronic version of old school paper dolls:

I started classic while maintaining the all white look the article was after. A hint of black with our Infinity wristband definitely preserves Ms. Model's upscale club look:

Living MAgazine Country Club model with ad-lib Wristpect Sport wristband accent

But, Wristpect Sport is, well, Wristpect Sport! so I had to step it up a notch with our Crimson Tide wristband set. Honestly they should have had us on their photo shoot as I think our pretty Crimson pattern paired with our houndstooth Tide pattern is exactly the chic they were looking for! 

All this paper doll play put me in the land of art and illustration and who doesn't remember those famous Snow White illustrations from Disney? Say the word 'Snow' and I immediately think of the Wristpect Sport kind of snow! So, I threw this model a little Va-Va-Va-VOOM for her country club look with our Snow Leopard wristband set

Tennis model with Wristpect Sport snow leopard wristband

I could keep going and show our model in many of our NEW wristband styles but I'll leave you with this illustration:

Wristpect Sport altered image of model spoof

Keep playing your sport. And keep playing and having fun in life!

(P.S.-The above is told in good heart and with respect for the Living Magazine publication and its beautiful model. It's hot in Texas (where the publication is also based) so they'll understand it's the heat and hazards of owning a sweat management company. And, props to Wilson; their rackets have served me well for years!) 

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