An air fryer is a magical way to fry food without all the oil!

If you are reading this, one thing we might have in common is our passion for tennis. I really have a passion for playing tennis and for the camaraderie that I can share in tennis with teammates and most especially a tennis partner. That camaraderie usually leads us to lunch after a tennis match. Now if you want passion, let’s talk food!!

I love food. Call me a foodie and I’m ok with that. I will not pretend that I could be a food critic, I do not know enough about ‘real’ food to critique it for the all the things critics value. For me it is simply about the taste. While I value healthy foods, I am not adverse to a little decadence. And I LOVE to share all kinds of foods with my tennis pals.

air fryer

Recently my family introduced me to an air fryer. Before December of 2017 I had never heard of such a thing. Now it is my new favorite appliance and I’m sharing it with you! It is a blend of the decadence of what it is to be a ‘fried food’ but the healthy of a baked food and it is easy to use! (So far at least.)

If you like the crispy of what a really good fried food is but you want the healthiness of a baked food you really do need to try an air fryer. It is like magic! (My idea of a technical term) All I do is use the rub of my choice on the protein of my choice and place it in the basket. It cooks at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes (no flipping needed) and voila it comes out crispy, tender, and juicy. It really is ‘like’ a fried food but no oil, no grease—healthy!

air fryer pork chops

Do you have a favorite kitchen appliance, or a favorite food, or what about your favorite recipe? My best friend and favorite tennis partner and I both love trying new foods—restaurants and recipes. She is usually the one who first tries the restaurants and shares them with me but as far as recipes go we both are always on the hunt for simple, tasty, and yes healthy. Today it’s the air fryer; tomorrow maybe the Instapot!

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