Are You Wearing Wristbands When You Play Tennis & Pickleball?

This may be the image that flashes in your mind when you

think of typical WRISTBANDS...

...and you may feel compelled to leave...


This is a brief article (not to be confused with an article on men's briefs😛) about a different kind of wristband.

So, whether you ARE wearing wristbands when you play tennis or pickleball, or you have yet to try a wristband, we hope to bear all (not the naked kind) on what makes Wristpect Sport wristbands different!

  1. We couldn't stand to see those little pieces of fabric that typical wristbands were made with continue to be pumped out with little regard for design and mostly made for men (as shown above).
  2. And it wasn't o.k. to have cheap scratchy terry cloth material lose its shape and show little unwanted loops of uneven sewing! 

It may seem odd that we felt called to both celebrate the mopping of sweat and design something more fashionable but someone had to do it!

So how did we make the wristband more fashionable and MORE functional?

We sandwiched TWO FABRICS together --not because we were hungry but because we landed on a way to design the patterns and colors of the wristband any way we wanted while ALSO allowing it to both absorb AND wick sweat! Ta-Da!

Wristpect Sport 2-fabric construction image with tennis player

None of this makes us rocket scientists or noble prize recipients but we are the people behind (not that 'behind') Wristpect Sport.

We're here for YOU---the tennis player!

YOU---the pickleball player!

And YOU--- the sweat lovin' guy or gal!

Tennis player wearing Fashion wristband by Wristpect Sport

(Tennis player wearing Fashion wristband from the Fashion Forward wristband set)

Pickleball player wearing Wristpect Sport wristband

(Pickleball player AND tennis lover shown wearing Graffiti wristband from the Graffiti Garden wristband set). 

Yes, while we predominately make female inspired designs and patterns we do have gender neutral patterns that plenty of guys love! And we hear Will Ferrell is quite a tennis player-- so join us in adding the hashtag #WillFerrellWearOurWristbands to your social media posts! 😆

Will Ferrel playing tennis


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