BIG Tennis ~ Final HUGE SALE!

Big Tennis Final Sale

We at Wristpect Sport hope you are playing BIG tennis, today, tomorrow and always! 


Big tennis really is just an extension of how you want your life to be. It's how you want to be: brave, good at something, focused, healthy, connected to others and belong to something good. 

Tennis surely can help you break out and reach for more than you thought you could! We've seen BIG TENNIS in our own lives. Some of us on our team started young, but perhaps not young enough (according to society). Some of us started in adulthood after kids, and family were well under way. The bottom line is, we started this wonderful sport and it has served us very well!

The sport of tennis even tiptoed in one day and creatively tapped us on the shoulder and took us on a journey of designing clever tennis accessories. We've forged friendships, understood losing AND winning. And its afforded us satisfaction, sweat and smiling. 

So play BIG TENNIS in your life! And if you prefer another sport or don't play sports at all still PLAY BIG!

I guess what I would really like to say is:

...Step fully into your journey, create, play, work, sweat and live it up! 

Now, as we face a slow down here at Wristpect Sport (due to the world manufacturing situation, etc) we'll continue to PLAY BIG and leave you with this:

Final Sale image by Wristpect Sport


SALE image

Remember: ALL single wristband packs AND T-Shirts just $5!

ALL double wristband packs just $10!


Wristpectfully and with thanks,

Your Wristpect Sport Team




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