When you think of Billy Crystal and Fernando Lamas think of Wristpect Sport!


Many moons ago Billy Crystal got the brilliant idea to impersonate the suave and sophisticated Hollywood star Fernando Lamas on his recurring skit on Saturday Night Live. The skit was called Fernando’s Hideaway. Two lines spoken became iconic: “You look MAHvelous” and “I would rather look good than to feel good and you know who you are.”

Wristpect Sport took the plain white terry wristband and gave it a facelift of style by adding a second layer of wicking material. The second layer not only wipes the sweat away from your face, it provides you with a beautiful tennis accessory!

inside out view of two layers of cloth

Pick any outfit you own then coordinate it with a Wristpect Sport wristband and you will look MAHvelous dahling! You might even play as good as you look!







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