Camp Gladiator- What is it & How did Wristpect Sport Snoop it Out?

Camp Gladiator logo shared by Wristpect Sport

Sometimes I call certain people in my family a, 'truffle snuffer' --this is my endearing way of saying they have the ability to snoop out say....maybe...something like...CHOCOLATE... in the house!

I think the team here at Wristpect Sport also possesses truffle snuffing tendencies because:

We like to snoop out things pertaining to sweat and working out!

And while we lean towards the tennis side we enjoy a good rotational circuit of weights, cardio and core in the gym, spin class, outdoor cycling and other edgy workouts. In fact, years ago we participated with friends and customers in the Dirty Girl mud run and found that to be daring, unique, fun and muddy!

Just the other day a dear friend and customer of ours by the name of Sue Berry informed me about Camp Gladiator. I had never heard of it but like a true 'truffle snuffer' I had to check it out further!

The Folks at Camp Gladiator describe themselves as:

We are a life-changing fitness movement dedicated to transforming lives through dynamic, fun and challenging workouts led by amazing, independent Trainers who inspire you to discover your best self.

This video--by the founders--sums up CAMP GLADIATOR very well:

CG is available across the nation. Just input your zip code and you can locate a class and its trainer/s. When I did, several (and I mean several!) familiar locations popped up on a handy locater map like this:


Camp Gladiator Map shared by Wristpect Sport

Of course the idea of sweating, pushing our bodies and engaging in DIFFERENT workouts has us intrigued! 

Anyone interested in TRUFFLE SNUFFING with us at a Camp Gladiator Classes?

{PS- Sue Berry is not only a dear friend and Wristpect Sport customer, but she is our favorite nun! Here's a story we did about her several years ago: }


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Tara says:

The only thing better than a Camp Gladiator workout is a Camp Gladiator workout at altitude! Come to a CG workout in Colorado and we will show you a great time! And Sue Berry is my mom. I’m glad you know how special she is.

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