Can your wristband do more than wipe sweat?

I wear a wristband when I play tennis. I have in previous writings admitted that I did not always wear one, but as one of the proud owners of a wristband company, I felt it a bit disingenuous not to wear one! And believe it or not, I have become addicted to wearing them! (Slight exaggeration but only slight.)

wearing wristbands to hide tan and wraps

I have to admit that at first I was afraid of the unsightly tan line. Here is the skinny on that: while there is a tan line, it can be seen as a badge of tennis honor like sock tan lines OR it is easily suntanned away by enjoying a float in a pool, while watching teammates play, or just by enjoying the outdoors.

It’s funny but now I am lost without my wristband. I really use it to wipe the sweat from my eyes on really sweaty days. It might be useful on really cold days to wipe a runny nose. -_-

Jayci wiping face

Along with those two revelations, I have found one more really great function for a wristband. It covers up the tape I sometimes wear around my wrist to help absorb the shock of hard hitters. I don’t mean to imply I am an old lady (though I just might be depending on how you score age) who can’t handle a little pace. It's simply that hours of using a computer and mouse plus some inadvertent wrist tweaks in the gym make my wrist a little sore on any given game day. AKA functional wear and tear to the wrist of a seasoned vet. And, I'm just vain enough that I really don’t like showing my weaknesses to opponents so, I tape at home and slide on my wristband prior to getting onto the court. Voila, my sore wrist is hidden and no weakness shown! And for those of you who wear the rugged Velcro wrist braces, I happen to know that our wristbands do go around them and provide a MUCH softer feel when brushing up against one’s face

All in all I have found that wearing Wristpect Sport wristbands gives me a fashionable and functional flare! I just love matching them with my tennis attire and or my tennis partner!

Besties dynamic duo

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