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I am competitive. Ask anyone who knows me and they will ALL agree on that one thing about me. Being born third out of 4 kids helped to foster the need to compete, at least that is what I think.

Now that I am beyond the age of well---let’s just say puberty, I am less inclined to need formal competition and more inclined to enjoy friendly competition. (It is a slippery slope, the line between formal and friendly competition for sure but one I am navigating regularly these days.) That said, I chuckle because I am currently in 4 different tennis leagues so exactly how well can I say that I am navigating?

four friends showing off wristpect sport sweatbands

I'd say well enough to take a moment to stop and enjoy the fact that on this one evening I am playing tennis with 3 of my friends and low and behold we all have on a Wristpect Sport! wristband! And it gets better since we are all wearing different ones! And it was totally unplanned.

There are many, many, many, fun things about being a part of a start up company for sure, but one thing is being out and about and seeing other people with my products on their wrists. Now I did say up front that these ladies are my friends and so having them wear my products is not exactly a surprise. But it is a nice compliment and not one that I take for granted. I am very fortunate to have such nice and supportive friends.

At Wristpect Sport we are always looking for ways to grow and expand our audience. We are currently considering the idea of giving away some wristbands to people who post about how they wear their Wristpect Sport wristbands or what they wear them with. Give us a shout out on Facebook, comment on this blog, or post a picture of yourself like mine, and you can be one of those wristband winners!

OR in the comments section be the first to guess which wristband I am wearing in the picture above and win a FREE wristband pack.

We would LOVE to share some tennis love with you!

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