Cute Tennis Accessories ~ Serious Tennis

As athletes and proficient tennis players, our mission when we started Wristpect Sport was to be cute BUT not too cute! Why?

Because as multi-dimensional peeps, we have that die-hard, serious athletic instinct yet fashion loving, cute but not too cute sense all rolled into one! And we never confuse the two. We just know how cute we want something to look in our brand while we temper that with the very important aspect of serious function.

Thus our wristbands and sweatbands fuse a fashionable aesthetic along with a functional component to manage sweat, better! 

All of our sponsored athletes from every level (pro, junior and club) seem to have this same fusion of cute but not too cute! Take for example Savannah Broadus. She plays junior tennis at the girls 16's level, she's ranked very high, and she is for sure, cute BUT Savannah plays SERIOUS TENNIS!

Watch our quick visit with Savannah (while training at the Lakes Tennis Academyas she discusses her upcoming ITF Pro Circuit tournament. You'll see the Wristpect Sport wristbands she selected--to pair with her tennis attire-- for the this event. Because, Savannah does after all want to look good on court as she continues her way up the ranks in junior tennis with eyes set --ultimately-- on serious collegiate and pro level play!

Click here to learn more about the ITF event 

Sponsored tennis athlete holding Wristpect Sport tennis wristbands and sweatbands

   (Savannah shown wearing Kaleidoscope wristband while holding (left to right) Alley wristband single and Diamond Courtz double wristband pack)   

We appreciate Savannah and her family and are cheering for her during this weeks event, and in all that she does! 


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