Do you know anyone with wristband envy?

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Recently I had the very good fortune to play some team tennis in Houston. There is just something special about getting away from home with friends and doing one of the things I love—athletic competition aka, tennis. It’s also pretty fun to people watch as I tennis watch. I enjoyed getting to watch teammates play their hearts out winning and losing, leaving it all out there. Of course I am also paying close attention to everyone’s unique tennis fashion sense. Let me be the first to admit I have absolutely ZERO fashion sense outside of athletic clothing. And maybe none there either but I do like to THINK I do as well as profess that I do! And I’m not shy about it either.

So, I am warming up to play the last match of the day and the one that helps determine if we earn a spot in the semis or not. Two formidable looking ladies from College Station are across the net from my partner and me. Formidable looking because they are at least 15 years our junior, both rather buxom, and they hit the fuzz off of the ball! So I have a lot going on in my head.

That and I just happen to be co-owner of a wristband company, so I notice when opponents wear wristbands and if so what color they are, what size they are, if they look worn or new. I notice! It is a hazard of being a wristband company employee and thinking I have any fashion sense! I can see ad side gal is a wristband wearer and that it is a colored wristband in an effort to matchy match the orange accents of her tennis attire. Can’t help it that is how I am.

We have a really nice match with many long points, many good points, and a few laughable miss hits as well. My partner and I feel really lucky when the match ends with us on top but even more that we survived their big strokes! We approach the net hands outstretched and as we shake hands I can’t help but notice her eyes as they glance at my Wristpect Sport Winners wristband. And, I can’t help but say, “You have wristband envy!”

Funny thing is she replied, “I do! How did you know?”

My partner laughed and said, “Aleece notices EVERYTHING!”

Ad gal then says, “I saw these at Tennis Express and almost bought one.”

My partner replied, “Well, Aleece is co-owner of the company that makes these!” Just as she lifts up her right wrist and shows off her Wristpect Sport Colors wristband.

Now one of the perks of being in the wristband business is that I usually have more than a few on me at any given time. So I reached into my bag and pulled out Crimson. (I store my wristband inside out as that is how I dry them) When I pulled it out of my bag I showed her that Wristpect Sport wristbands still have the terry cloth that absorbs the sweat but then I turned it right side out to show the fun pattern on the wicking material that always stays dry. Then I show her that we put our name in the underside so she can remember who makes these.

World Peace inside out

Being from College Station and an AGGIE she laughed about wearing a crimson colored wristband and suggested that a maroon one should be designed. I think she might be right about that, do any of you readers think we should design a maroon colored wristband? What colors or designs would you like to see in the future?

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