Do you wear wristbands?

Yes! At least now I do. I did not always wear one but since I’ve co-owned a wristband company I started to wear one! Maybe a better question is why do I wear wristbands? That answer has changed over time.

In the beginning-I wore a wristband because I started a company about wristbands and thought it disingenuous not to wear one! (And I always wear only one on my dominant playing arm even though we sell our colorful wristbands in pairs-except one time when I played in Tyler, Texas and it was the hottest and sweatiest match I have ever played.)

After wearing one for a while, I started to like the way a wristband felt on my playing arm. (Like a hug for my wrist.)

Now I've begun to rely on it to wipe the sweat from my eyes/face. (In the middle of a game when I cannot get to my towel.)

Jayci wiping sweat with Infinity

(pictured above Jayci Goldsmith wearing Infinity)

More and more I've grown even more fond of the accessory aspect of how a Wristpect Sport wristband compliments my tennis ensemble. In other words, I initially liked its function but the fashion is what really grabs me now. Believe it or not, sometimes I pick my playing outfit based upon which wristband design I feel like wearing. (This is especially true when we have a new series of wristbands just in from our factory.) But I almost ALWAYS pick which wristband I will wear before I leave my house headed to the tennis court. AND anymore I literally feel naked trying to play without one! When I don’t I rely on the fact that I keep a bag full of different ones in my tennis bag—just in case, because I cannot play worth of darn if I'm feeling naked or let's just say unprepared.

collage of wristpect sport wristbands

I used to worry about the tan lines. Isn’t enough that we have to suffer those from our socks? Why make more? But my best friend and tennis partner has always worn a wristband and she has never had wristband tan lines that were unmanageable. So too I have found it not too difficult to manage tan lines from my Wristpect Sport wristbands though I still struggle with my sock tan.

If you are reading this I bet you wear a wristband. Maybe even two! If you feel like chiming in I would love to hear your answer to why do you wear a wristband?

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