Handing Out Love--Meli Hands & Wristpect Sport

A tennis-centric brand like Wristpect Sport likes to hand out the LOVE! 

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And sometimes in our ever changing world we like to hand out more LOVE by sharing other healthy products we know you might like---for FREE!

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Meli Hands is here to protect you and your teammates not only before and after your matches and workouts, but throughout your entire day via their unique hand sanitizer blend!

What makes this product different is its: all natural aroma ingredients (think hypnotizing coconut and citrus scents that hint of the beach), essential oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

While all the focus is on health, Meli Hands believes packaging plays a big part in uplifting your spirits! Their signature blue bottle adds a soothing-- yet festive pop of color to your tennis bag essentials AND to your home decor. 


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What Does Meli Mean sentence

 Meli is the Greek word for HONEY. It has long been a sign of health and prosperity.


Meli Hands Free with link to Wristpect Sport

  1. Continue to make health a priority!
  2. Purchase any quantity of Wristpect Sport wristbands and request PRIORITY SHIPPING.
  3. Take advantage of MORE LOVE with our 15% off offer on all wristband styles now- Sept 30th
  4. Enjoy a FREE bottle of Meli Hands hand sanitizer

That's it! Simply take action on numbers 1-3 above and you will receive one 2 oz. bottle of Meli Hands sanitizer--- FREE! 

 You're welcome

Click here to visit and learn about the wonderful folks behind Meli Hands and their versatile hand sanitizer bundles. 

NOTE: To receive your FREE offer, purchaser must request PRIORITY SHIPPING for their wristband order. FREE Meli Hands hand sanitizer while supplies last.  




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