Hey...it's Friday! Tennis Racquet Skills and Fashion in Check

Sometimes you just have to pause and breath in all that a Friday is! 

So...here goes...this is our Friday vibe on this day, November 17, 2017: 

Tennis Player wearing Wristpect Sport Alley wristband

Sponsored athlete Savannah Broadus is wearing our Alley black and white wristband. This nifty and elegantly designed single wristband is deceiving in it's pretty fashionable looks 'cause it's ready to take on THE SWEAT! At $9.50 retail (hint: with a SALE coming soon) this gem of an accessory is perfect for the gift giving season; whether that be a gift for your doubles partner, team captain, or entire team, OR yourself, it's perfectly topped off with our signature retro paper envelope.

Simply add a bow...give a gift...stop someones's sweat!

Thanks for sharing Friday with us!


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