Why does Wristpect Sport use two different fabrics for its wristbands

Whenever you do something new or unconventional, it takes some people time to adjust. Wristpect Sport didn’t invent a new fabric or a new accessory, but by combining two different fabrics they took an existing accessory concept and reinvented it into both a functional and fashionable sport accessory. And honestly some people don’t get it.

When the wristband was manufactured in the 40’s it was made mostly of toweling--cotton. Fred Perry created it to help players using rackets keep their hands dry and able to hold on to their equipment! (At first people did not understand what it was for!)

fred perry

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Cotton is a natural fiber used for many things but notably for fabric as early as the 5th century BC. Today cotton is an extremely popular fabric and as a natural fiber it absorbs moisture rather than repelling it. Thus it was extremely good as a wristband and was made better with the infusion of spandex with gives the cotton/spandex combined fabric its elastic qualities. Yes, cotton is a VERY absorbent material and as such works well to absorb all the sweat a person can produce, but that means it also stays wet.

In 1996 Kevin Plank was the first to decide to create sports apparel with a synthetic fabric with the specific design to repel rather than absorb moisture.

Kevin Plank

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Spandex  is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is a polyether-polyurea copolymer that was invented in 1958 by chemist Joseph Shivers at DuPont's Benger Laboratory in Waynesboro, Virginia.

Polyester a synthetic resin in which the polymer units are linked by ester groups, used chiefly to make synthetic textile fibres often used to make clothing.

Shortly after the introduction of Plank’s UnderArmour brand of T-shirt, many sport apparel companies decided to create their sportswear using the wicking properties of synthetic fabrics instead of cotton. Why? Because athletes loved that their sportswear was lighter and dried faster. Whether it is Dri-Fit, Clima-Lite, or Under Armour it’s all about synthetic fibers.

So why does Wristpect Sport use two different fabrics for a wristband? Simple. A wristband must absorb moisture to be functional--cotton. But once it has absorbed the moisture it does not feel dry and neither does your face when you wipe it. So we added a synthetic fabric that wicks moisture and dries faster as an outer layer. Now the top layer feels dry when you wipe your face while the bottom layer absorbs all the moisture. And, the outer layer we make fun! We create colorful patterns and designs that we put on our synthetic fabric so each of our wristband packs is unique and fun.

Spring Break wristband set

We are still asked all the time, “Does it work?” I can honestly say, “Yes!” And after reading this now you know the science behind it!

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