Wristpect Sport Serves Tennis Fashion but the Returns Prove Greater


Indian inspired tennis wristband by Wristpect Sport

Looking at this picture today, from a recent Wristpect Sport photo shoot made us most definitely think of the serve! And, it made us key in on the cool summer citrus colors of this particular wristband (Indian Wells double wristband set) that is now part of our line of accessories. We wondered:  How will this color and pattern be received by ladies league players? Teams? Doubles partners? Pro's on tour? More importantly as we looked at the poetry of the image it made us also think of looking up, and of all things positive and it...

...made us reflect on how tennis has served us in our lives.

With every service motion, there is an opportunity to put heart in every actual serve you make on a tennis court. How you throw the ball, where you strike it on the string bed and where you place it on the court, the upward thrust of your legs, etc. They all determine the focus and heart you put into each serve.

But there is more to the heart of the tennis serve:

  • There is the literal chance to serve your body well with sweat and aerobic goodness
  • There is a chance to serve a partner, a coach and a whole team with your own energy each time you step on court or into the club.
Think about it, you can positively affect the lives of those you play and sweat with! You may not know if someone is struggling outside of tennis but the court is a place where you can leave others with the best that you have on that given day. That could make a big difference in someone else's life.
  • There is a chance for you to introduce another person to the game (young or old...be on the lookout to tell someone, you think would benefit from this game, all about it).
  •  There is a chance for you to get involved with various tennis charities. 

    In fact, we'd like to know your favorite tennis charity (comment below)

    This business of tennis fashion is proving super satisfying for us here at Wristpect Sport. And though we haven't invented the iPad or a cure for anything, we've vowed that when we do create our products for others that each detail and brush stroke should come from a place of knowing the game, enjoying color and being moved by the whimsical. We have challenged ourselves to serve others with the very best that we have! 

    Tennis has returned in kind to us by way of meeting interesting and talented people, affording us the chance to create, travel and delve into the inner workings of this yellow fuzz, pop top, 'thunking', beautiful sport!

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