What kind of towel do you use when you play tennis?

tournament towels

I saw this picture of a friend on Facebook and it made me wonder about how many tennis towels I have. I went to my linen closet looked at my stacks and decided I would estimate at 25. That said I really only use the top few in the stack. Convenience obviously (top of the stack) dictates my usage. It made me think that there had to be a better way to determine my towel usage!

Here’s the thing, all of my tennis towels have some meaning. Some of them were given out by tournaments that I entered, some were awarded as prizes for winning or being the ‘bridesmaid’, some were gifts, and others I purchased. All of them are meant for on the court. I rarely use the really nice ones (the extra special ones) because I think might lose them or damage them. So because of that, many of those really nice towels stay safe and sound in my linen closet leaving me to use the not so special towels for everyday use. So I NEVER use the super nice towels. Wait what?

Has that happened to you? Have you ‘saved’ your special or unique tennis towel for special matches only to find that you forget to use them or are afraid you might lose them or damage them?

Wimbledon towel

So this summer season I have made an effort to get out of my towel funk and actually USE my ‘special’ towels and enjoy them. You know what? They are really good towels and I really do enjoy them! My personal favorites in these really hot months have been my oversized towels. They are super soft and can really handle my summer sweat! For the first time since I owned my Wimbledon towel—a gift from my BF and it bears my initials, I pulled it out of the linen closet and used it as often as I could keep it clean every time I was on the court. Now it wasn’t magical, and I did not suddenly play like Chrissy, or Martina, or Serena, but I really enjoyed using it. (Which is the point of a gift right?) Now I’ve pulled out my US Open towels and will rotate using them.

Now in case you wondered, I still wear my Wristpect Sport wristbands and they still are invaluable for the in-between point sweat mopping and no other wristband does fashion better than one of our wristbands unleashed! It’s just during the really hot months here in Texas (May-September) I need the help of a good toweling in-between games!

JayciGoldsmith wiping face with infinity

Jayci Goldsmith pictured mopping sweat with Infinity

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