How Much Tennis are You Playing in 2020?

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When I was in junior tennis I would fret if I missed a day of practice or matches. My mom would always tell me "...a day or two off would be good for my mind and my game." She was right.

Now, I'm a mom and I think I'm right too---LO

But I think I'm right in this way:

At this juncture in my life it's important for me to find time among my motherly duties to GET ON THE COURT or GET IN THE GYM. I wasn't looking for a day off when I was in junior tennis and sports and I'm not looking now! I NEED the sweat, the running, and a way to get the crazies out! I know it makes me a better mom and ultimately a more fulfilled soul! And I'm sure my mom knew this about herself as well!

I enjoy ladies league teams but I also really dig mixed doubles! A few years ago I was on a mixed team and had requests from 3 other teams to play with them. I'm pretty sure it would have made for some serious MIXED madness in my schedule had I joined all those teams! And the odds are I might have ended up playing against myself. 👀 It would have been interesting and either way, I could have captured the win---I like that!

We want to know how often YOU play tennis.

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How many times a week do you practice (true drills and true simulated game play)?

How many leagues do you play on?

What do you get out of tennis and chasing that yellow ball? 

Many of our customers have turned into friends and pen-pals so we know some of you are playing so much that you can't remember which uniform you're dawning on any given day BUT your wristband game is strong! 

Comment on the Facebook post associated with this blog story AND share it (so your tennis buddies can join in the fun banter) and you just might have a chance to:

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