How We Give You More Tennis Style When You Sweat More!

In fashion of any kind, getting mileage out of an accessory is important to the wearer. When that clutch purse has multi colors and tasteful patterns that 'zen' with several of your outfits, you're stoked and feel it was worth it to pay $XYZ for it!

As a female based company of serious athletes, we had this same golden rule consciously set in motion when we started designing wristband packs that house TWO DIFFERENT PATTERNS:

We somehow knew it would be more fun to give our customers insanely fun patterns of varying kinds but with colors that coordinate!

We knew this meant you could play several matches in a long weekend tennis tournament and work off of your base outfit while being able to change your sweaty stuff (hat, wristbands, bras, etc), frequently.

That's why Wristpect Sport double wristband packs look and perform the way they do!

Take our sponsored athlete Kamryn Taub for example.

  • In the next several images of Kamryn, note how she pairs two totally different double wristband packs with the SAME outfit giving her a fresh accent and 4 changes of wristbands options should she need them. And need them she does (I sound like Yoda)! Kamryn has climbed her way up to #64 in her section out of over 800 girls!

Kamryn Taub wearing Beach tennis wristband with close up image

Above Kamryn is wearing our Beach wristband on her right wrist. It comes from the appropriately titled Beach Tennis set shown here below:

Beach Tennis wristband set by Wristpect Sport

  • And now, the chameleon quality of Wristpect Sport! Kamryn is shown below wearing our 'Primal' wristband from the Primal Colors set. Look how different each side of the wristband is as she goes through her motion!

 Kamryn Taub in service motion wearing primal wristband by Wristpect Sport

Below are the close up's of those same shots so you can see the colors 'revolving' around the sweatband. The colors rotate from teals and yellows with black animal spots to pink and black giving her tons of color pairing options just within ONE wristband!

Close up of tennis players arms wearing Primal multi colored animal spotted wristband

Here's the Primal Colors full set:

Primal Colors tennis wristband set

  The more you sweat the greater the style options with Wristpect Sport!

 Wristpect Sport social media Spread Love image

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