What a Weekend We Had! USTA National Campus

O.k., we weren't the one's who 'had this weekend' and we haven't visited the USTA National Campus, yet but...

...boy howdy one of our dear customers took us there by sharing pictures with us of her and her teammates along with yellow fuzz lovin' details in an email, AND a USTA National Campus visor sent to us, 'just because!' These kinds of gestures from customers, junior and pro players ARE the fabric of the the Wristpect Sport journey!

This particular weekend of team tennis at the NEW USTA National Campus started out for team Monarch with a picturesque Friday Florida day. Mid 70's, no humidity, slight breeze. Our friend, Sue and her teammates enter the grounds and greet the day with coordinating Adidas Fall Pro tennis outfits (shown below).

Sue, being the loyal loving lady and customer that she is, tops her outfit off with a Wristpect Sport wristband. Out of the blocks, team Monarch chalks up a first match win!

Are you feelin' it? Are you seein' the campus and the day? I am! 

      Sectionals at the USTA National Campus

 Sue (4th from the left) and Team Monarch Entering the USTA National Campus
The next day of play that Sue describes SHOCKS us! The previous picturesque Florida day has now been charged with lightening and temps dropping to the mid 50's (that's the kind of see-saw we're used to here in the middle of the US as Texans)! Team Monarch's 8am match gets moved to 10am. Then a down pour and temps further plummeting into the 40's turns into a postponement to 12 noon, then 2pm, 4pm. At roughly 5pm team Monarch hits the courts in layered attire (new dresses and such don't even get worn) as temps hover around 38 degrees! Team Monarch unfortunately loses their 5pm match.

Weary, sweaty (you still sweat in cold temps if you're doing your job right) and ready to call it a day they are told they have to play their final match 'around' 10 or 11pm so courts and matches can be set for the following day!  

Team Monarch WINS their final match to take 2nd in their flight!

Before they exit the court at roughly 12:15AM (it's now the next day in case you need help with math like I do) they rally to take this quick pic before heading back to their hotel:

Team Monarch at the USTA National Campus Sue now shown 2nd from right

We've not met Sue in person but have seen many a picture of her and she's NOT someone you forget but we had to call this lovely Floridian to double confirm she is pictured 2nd from right in the picture above as this is not NORMAL for Florida tennis.

I'll close out this day of tennis with Sue's very own words to sum up team Monarch's first experience at the USTA National Campus:

"Did we have fun? Do ladies who play tennis, play USTA, play tournaments have fun? We sure do. It was an amazing time of bonding.  We enjoyed each other's company and a sense of camaraderie that was so strong.  Sitting at breakfast in the hotel for hours and hours on Saturday waiting for weather updates was the best time I've had in a long time."
Sue leaves a final parting comment in her email to me:

"PS- I need your address again for I have a "prize" to send you..."

We cherish the 'virtual trip to the USTA National Campus' that Sue 'took us on,' we cherish our visor BUT most importantly...

...we cherish a customer and person like Sue Berry! Geez, we're having fun with our company's journey!

                  USTA National Campus Visor

Our Cherished Visor (still with tag/stickers attached due to sentimentality)
(PS, As long time tennis players, the Wristpect Sport team looks forward to visiting the USTA National Campus and would love to play along further by maybe one day partnering to create a custom wristband for them! See, you can't be shy when your company deals in sweat!)
Play Tennis! Stay Sweaty!  


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