Is it YOURS or is it MINE?

Yours or Mine wristband set

When Wristpect Sport first launched a product line we drew inspiration from the camaraderie and friendship we had experienced on the court. This led us to create a line of designs that is designed with tennis partnership in mind. We call it Partner Accessories & Best Friends.

This line is traditionally a line that appeals to a lot of ladies and sells out quickly. It is traditionally two coordinating colors and a play on partnering words like, Best/Friends, Dynamic Duo, Forehand/Backhand.

We are not sure what makes them so popular. You tell us, is it the play on words? Is it the fun colors? Is it that these designs appear to be more of a solid color rather than a multi colored design or pattern? Is it that everyone wants a little love in their wristband and these designs whether boldly or subtly highlight a heart?

Maybe it is ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Honestly we don’t allow ourselves to obsess about the why and instead we just fancy ourselves lucky for their popularity! This way we get to think up new and creative ways to incorporate friendship and camaraderie into our wristbands.

In keeping with our tradition this season we are unveiling the newest member of our Partner Accessories & Best Friends, aptly named Yours & Mine. While we are not yet ready to show and tell all, we’ve given you the name and that tells you a lot!

This set is inspired by two words you often hear or say while playing. Admittedly I say one of these words way more than the other, I think my body language makes it quite clear when I want to take a ball without me ever saying mine, or so I've been told!

In case you are wondering, we are 100% open to your ideas of friendship, camaraderie, and tennis accessorizing. Do you know of a fun play on words that you think will appeal to the tennis lover? Feel free to let us know what you would like to see in the future!

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