Is Your Mind Set to Get Victory on the Tennis Court?

I was beaming with a smile from ear to ear yet I was slightly misty as I watched and listened to him speak in eloquence. Then, I heard a sentence that made me freeze!

The above sounds like an intro to a juicy fiction book but in reality it was an intro to a wonderful kernel of information from the greatest men's tennis player in the world. The information was like a bar of gold for me even at this juncture and level of my athletic life of tennis and sports. It is equally as golden for any athlete in any sport!

Roger Federer said this in one of his post match interviews after his recent Australian Open title win (his 18th grand slam):

Speech bubble with Roger Federer quote on winning

Take that in.

With all that Roger Federer has WON and all the pressure he has felt, he STILL knew he had to get his mind right pre-match. He choose to focus on the blatant obvious, to win...

...BUT Federer reduced the goal to utter simplicity-- keeping it focused and making it undeniable!

But the real kicker is Federer shared how at the age of 35 in this historical match against Rafael Nadal that he "embraced' the media, the moment, and the opportunity. He sided WITH the press and didn't resist the 'buzz' about this EPIC chapter within the tennis community as the drama built, pre-match!

To rise to the 'epic-ness,' Roger had declared within, "I went to get victory on the court."

BOOM! I thought to myself how many times in my junior, college or even adult tennis days have I stepped on the court with perhaps occasional cloudiness or muddled intention? Sure I wanted to win but there is a whole other level of acuteness that free's an athletes mind of clutter when they remind themselves what competition is about--victory! I learned that from Roger.

It's not hard folks. If we're going to be in sports, we're there to compete and if we're going to compete we should be clear that we are going onto the court, the course, or field to get the victory!

Victory Trophy Icon by Wristpect Sport

I'm not asking any of us to compare our level of play to Federer but we can strip away the 'noise' and just compete to get the victory every time we step on court! Nothing wrong with that.

I know this will help me as I continue to compete and be athletic and I hope you too find just how very special this simple kernel of advice is. Try it. No, I mean REALLY try it! And if you'd care to comment now or after 'giving it a go' then please feel free to do so below. 

Now, you're free to go and get the VICTORY! Roger that!

And 'Roger this picture' (compliments of GQ) of Roger Federer! 

Roger Federer via GQ archives on-line 

Wanna hear his post match interview and victory statement?

(at 2 minutes and 55 seconds in he states this kernel of wisdom)


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