How Unique Tennis Fashion Positively Affects 2 Juniors from 1 Lovely Family

Junior Tennis Player Lucas Brown Wearing Wristpect Sport

(Lucas Brown after taking first place in boys 16's A Draw- DTA SCMZ)

In the Texas tennis world, it's no secret that Lucas Brown is one to watch in juniors AND is a Wristpect Sport ambassador sponsored by our company. Lucas has been wearing our unique 2- fabric- construction wristbands since he was in elementary school! Lucas is talented, loyal and respectful. He is a perfect fit for the essence of the Wristpect Sport brand.

It's also no big secret that Lucas has a talented little sister named Karla who is also making a name for herself in Texas tennis. Lucas and Karla put forth talent, good grades, beautiful smiles all while extending respect in sport and life! Together they are part of one of the nicest families you will come across here, or in any state!

Karla Brown Junior Tennis Player story by Wristpect Sport

(Karla Brown after taking first place in a Girls 12's B Draw- Texas)


Simple. At any age, it feels good to get FREE STUFF and personally experience a brands fashion photoshoot BUT when you're a junior, it's a SUPER BIG boost to the young person. It makes them feel confident and closer to their dreams and goals in sports. Representing a sport accessory product lets them be creative with their fashion and self expression. And a fashion photoshoot forces them to listen, deliver a moment, become more at ease with themselves, and have a great time with the adults that conduct that photoshoot.

We could go on about Lucas and Karla Brown but for now you may check out more about them on our site:, or and of course on our Facebook page. 

Below, you'll see, the camera loves both Lucas and Karla! And each is unafraid to bring a little serious and A LOT of goofy! They're our kind of junior brand ambassadors! Thank you both!

Past photoshoot pics with Lucas and Karla: 

Lucas Brown Wristpect Sport Athlete Wearing Play Ball wristband set .    Lucas Brown Junior Tennis Player Wearing Wristpect Sport Crimson Tide Wristband Set


Karla Brown Junior Tennis Player Modeling Wristpect Sport wristband .  Karla Brown junior tennis player having fun on location with Wristpect Sport




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