Happy with your tennis score?

If you are reading this, you probably already know how to score a tennis match. You also know the difference between league tennis and tournament tennis. Just for the moment define recreational league tennis as team tennis.

League tennis is a great system designed to create a calendar of tennis dates that allow you to play almost every weekend (or week day) against equally rated players with a group of friends. Thank you USTA for devising a system (albeit slightly flawed personal opinion only) for rating players and creating leagues.

I had the privilege of participating in a team event hosted by USPTA this weekend that has a unique way of creating teams and just as unique a system of scoring matches. Rather than teams filled strictly with players of the same level, the teams are filled with players of 4 different levels, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5. All teams must field two lines of each level per match. The total number of games played by both teams, each game being a point for each team, wins the match. All matches are 128 games, with each line playing 16 total games. Therefore the outcome of the match is not number of lines won but strictly the total number of games won. Your line could win 14-2 or even tie 8-8. But each game is a score and therefore each game matters! No one level of team or player is more important or more valuable. The 3.0 player is as integral to the team’s success as the 4.5 player.

USPTA Score card from January 2017 Event

I love the way this is scored and that this event combines 4 levels of players. Also we played 1/2 of the team at one time followed by the other 1/2 of the team so we could watch each other. It adds to team camaraderie and fun to have a variety of levels and to know that every game makes a difference. It also makes it a little intense. I’ve played in several different leagues not all designed or run by any one group. No other group has used this scoring system. I think this system would make league team tennis even more fun. I don’t think ALL tennis should be scored this way or played like this. I just think it would be a fun difference to have a league like this someday. After all we used to play until some team won by two game for each set and a full third set!

uspta score card

I had a great time this past weekend, played some great tennis, and met some nice players, including the ones on my own team! Here we are celebrating our second place finish!

USPTA finalist 2017 

League/team tennis would be completely different from how the professional circuit scores match tennis. Funny that should matter; as we all know the pros still play a full third set or if you are a man 5 full sets and even our best moments are nothing like those of the pros, just saying…

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