Loyalty to Tennis Fashion & Function Runs Deep

Loyalty image composition by Wristpect Sport

A dear customer (who is also a dear friend) recently sent us a a very real world 'day in the life of a tennis addict' --picture. It came via text and out of the blue. As I viewed the picture--which made me feel as if I were standing in her laundry room peering into the basin of her wash machine--the idea of loyalty popped into my head! In fact, inside my head I literally heard the phrase:

Do you know your loyal ones?

Wash Machine basin with multiple Wristpect Sport tennis wristbands

Now, how does a wash machine image relate to loyalty? Our friend had taken the time to show us her double digit count of Wristpect Sport wristbands in the bottom of her wash machine--all spiffy and clean and gleaming amid the silver basin lining. BAM! Her simple gesture made me think of the loyalty she displays not only in her love of tennis and tennis fashion but as a friend and person. I mean who takes the time to send pictures of their dirty laundry (okay, it was clean laundry). This gesture in turn activated my business mind and I scanned the many customers that have shown us loyalty by:

  • their taking time to send pictures to us of their personal tennis journey 
  • their repeat purchases of our fashion-forward wristbands
  • their genuine enjoyment of tennis and sport fashion

The phrase, 'do you know your loyal ones' is a good one for life.

Ask yourself, who are those friends and souls in your life that are your loyal ones?

True loyalty comes not through someone merely 'liking' you, not because they buy your product BUT because that particular person is consistent in their behavior, genuine in their approach, and most importantly believes in all of YOU. They believe in your endeavors, your goals, your goofy, sometimes messy, sometimes OCD, loud, sensitive, athletic, creative self. And you...you return that loyalty.

So you see, a simple picture of fashionable tennis wristbands-- in the basin of a wash machine-- from a tennis fashion loving friend can run deep and be ever so meaningful!

Here's to the loyal one's that have believed in Wristpect Sport and the people behind it!

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