Me, Tennis, and a Butterfly

The other night I was playing tennis at one of our local tennis facilities. Here’s a little shout out to L.B. Houston Tennis Center. LB recently is under new management and is in the process of updating as well as reopening for business.

This time of year in Texas means just about anything weather-wise goes. It could be cold, warm, rainy, sunny, or even sweltering! Luckily for us the rain had cleared and the sun had been out enough to dry and warm the courts for us. And because it is May the days are longer and the sun sets later providing us with more daylight for playing even at night!

butterfly on a tennis court

Evidence of such temperate times is here in this picture of our special guest! This little guy kept hanging around, first just fluttering in the sky, then using the net as a perch and finally on the court itself. 

Some Native American lore has it that Butterflies carry your wishes to the Great Spirit. Not being a Native American just native to America I cannot say for sure if that is true. What I can say is that butterflies are a universal symbol of beauty and happiness. I’ve always said that there is no place I’d rather be than on a tennis court. In fact the Wristpect Sport team agreed enough to put that very thought out there on a T-shirt. 

Katy no place Tee shirt

I love this shirt and wear it often. It doesn’t do as much for mopping my sweat as my wristband does, but it does serve as a reminder to me when I’m in a match and not playing my best. It’s then I stop and think that even if I’m not playing great, there is still no place I’d rather be.

How much more this is true when I enjoy after work evening tennis with my good friends and yes, a butterfly or two!

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