More on the Battle of the Sexes that you didn't know

The movie is out and I have yet to see it so this is NOT a movie review; maybe next time? This is a footnote to the last blog I wrote. I told you that I felt the impact of the actual Battle of the Sexes personally. 1974 was the first year my high school offered interscholastic sports for girls. That just so happened to coincide with my first year there and I was extremely fortunate for that timing. What I didn’t tell you about was the impact that Billy Jean King had on my business partner and I when we established our wristband company.

When we decided to add colorful designs to sweatbands, it was the image of Billy Jean King that came to the forefront of our minds. In fact when we made our first presentations to all of our business partners and our first sales calls, Billy Jean’s image was used to help us to sell the idea of our company. You see Billy Jean King worn a wristband. It was a very plain sweatband.

Billy Jean King

We used an image of her to help project just how much more fun accessorizing with a wristband could be. In fact we also used an image or two of another female tennis player who is a little more well known for her tennis accessorizing, Bethanie Mattek-Sands. I think you might agree that there in nothing much plain about Bethanie.

Bethanie Mattek Sands

We’ve worked hard to design a functional and fashion savvy wristband. We fused the function of the terry under layer with the fashion of the sweatban© outer layer just as we fused the images of King and Mattek-Sands to illustrate what we wanted to do with our wristbands. We strive to provide quality products in quality packaging and provide quality service as well. And believe it or not as we prepare for new designs we even stop to say it isn’t just about us. We hope to provide everyone with something they like.

 Wristpect Sport first product launched

As a player King put in the hours of hard work and it paid off. But she didn’t just win a bunch of Grand Slams, or earn herself millions, or grab huge promotional contracts, she used her prominence as a means to stand up against the inequities of the establishment and helped create a balance in sports for equal pay for ALL women. You see it wasn’t just about her; she was about it for every woman that followed.  To Ms King we say a HUGE "Thank you!" And as for Wristpect Sport? We are happy to put our hearts out there one wristband at a time to change the color of sporting world’s accessories!


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