Tennis BLING-- Receiving a Custom Painted Tennis Racket!

Tennis BLING image by Wristpect Sport

When you've played tennis a long time you feel like you have seen the lay of the land for all of the technology and latest gadgets. I've been playing since I was a junior, on into college, and beyond so I feel plugged in when it comes to tennis products. And the team here at Wristpect Sport is over joyed that we've contributed our own blast of uniqueness into the tennis world by way of our wristband products!

Recently though, I had a tennis loving friend send me not just a NEW racket but one that has been CUSTOM PAINTED with a festive paint that changes colors depending on the lighting!! And it was sent for NO OCCASION---just because! BAM! Do I have thoughtful friends or what?! 

It's the BLING-EST Tennis Item I've ever Received!

This 'sa-weeettttttt' racket (a Wilson Ultra) not only takes on a purple hue---my favorite color--it takes on deep greens and a tinge of blue! It's loaded with varying colors of pink-to-red strings on the crosses (horizontal strings) and mains (vertical strings)- and is topped off with a a pink over-grip! 

In this image I paired my NEW RACKET with our Viper Vantage wristband set due to the obvious color zen between racket and accessory. See how it takes on a purple color here?Custom painted Tennis Racket Shared by Wristpect Sport

And here, the same set of wristbands is paired...look how the green POPS off the racket when held at yet a slightly different angle! 

Custom Painted Tennis Racket shared by Wristpect Sport

Hitting with this racket is super special.

I feel like my friend Daniella (I affectionately refer to her as 'DDW' due to her initials) has provided me with a noble sword with which I can go to battle within those lined-boxes we call tennis courts! And this paint job is NOT of the novice kind. No! This paint job was done by a professional custom paint company in her Scottsdale Arizona area. But more importantly it was the local tennis store she frequents, All About Tennis, where the staff aided her in picking the racket, having it strung and facilitated the custom paint job!

Here's a picture the staff at All About Tennis took and posted on their Instagram (look how purple it is in their shot!):

All About Tennis Instagram image of Custom Painted Tennis Racket


What's the BLING-EST Tennis Item You've Received?

Comment below👇🏼OR on our Wristpect Sport Facebook page within the post related to this blog story and you could WIN a wristband pack of your choice! The BLING-EST story and item description will WIN (feel free to include a picture of your item if you like). 

And now, I leave you with an Ode to my tennis lovin' friend AND new racket:

I have a friend who 
knows who I am.
She sends me purple festive things
This time this one had strings!
It was unexpected and a joy
And it is truly the best kind of toy!
Thank you, thank you, thank you I say
My dear tennis friend has made my day!

 😍 🎾  

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