Patriotic Tennis Accessories and Fashion- Bethanie Mattek Sands Style!

I knew she would be moved to tears. I knew I would shed a few myself. I've always been unafraid to be touched by life. So there I stood, in front of the TV- a bit misty- watching Bethanie Mattek Sands shed tears as she realized a dream and took the GOLD with Jack Sock in Rio in the mixed doubles tennis category!

Trust me, this article isn't a chick flick tear jerker 'cause most of the time as I watched and snapped photos off the TV screen (as shown here) I was hollering, laughing, fist pumping and watching the spirit, spunk and swag of Bethanie Mattek Sands. Did you watch her too? Did you see how her tendency is to touch and be near her doubles partner---NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES-- by way of a high-five, knuckle bump or smile? Did you see how her gait was filled with spring, determination, swag and even humor? These are the attributes of not only a positive athlete but someone who is enjoying life! It's a wattage I've always been drawn to in Bethanie and in the other athletes, and people in my life. Take heed of this positive body language and take a little of it into your game and life; it's infectious!

Suffice it to say, Bethanie is the STAR wearing the STRIPES for her country. Jack Sock is a midwest guy with obvious patriotic heart and a game for the future. Wristpect Sport is the humbled and appreciative brand that supplied one of Bethanie's SWEATBANDS that made it to the 2016 Rio Olympics! 

With gratitude, we thank Bethanie for taking our simple yet unique products to mop her sweat in Rio and beyond!

(Bethanie is shown wearing our 'Spirit' wristband from the 'Free Spirit' wristband set) 

Spread Love Social Media image by Wristpect Sport

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