2 Fond Memories of Playing Tennis in World Famous Beach Settings that Resulted in Tennis Fashion Ideas

Beach Tennis wristband set shown amidst the palm trees of Hilton Head Island

(Beach Tennis wristband set shown above)

Warm weather. The sun, sand and tennis! What a privilege it is for tennis lovers to get to partake of the beach, AND the game in incredible destinations across our country and the world!

Interestingly, my junior and high school tennis- out of Chicago- holds frigid weather memories of playing in stocking caps sweat pants and turtlenecks.

High school tennis players Chicagoland area picture by Wristpect Sport

(Note the parka, sweats and jackets! Yes, I'm the one who looks like a boy)

I do however vividly recall getting to play one of our high school tennis tournaments in Hawaii! But one special memory from my junior tennis day’s shines bright! With the support of my parents, I was fortunate enough to travel with my mom to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to participate in not only a handful of prestigious junior tennis camps but to watch the pro’s play in the Family Circle Cup.

Once in Hilton Head, the sun on my face and body, tennis courts dotting the island AND the smell of the ocean all hit home that tennis should be played in a warm beach environment! How had I survived playing indoors in downtown Chicago (let alone outdoors) on carpet or rubberized courts with the smell of tennis ball fuzz in my nostrils all this time?

The beach was and still is where it’s at for tennis! I love the way a tennis ball feels on the strings in humidity and my body just moves better!

Pink seashell image shared by Wristpect Sport

The above memories were all conjured up just by gazing at our NEW Beach Tennis wristband set! I’m not joking! Tennis has been a big part of my life--our lives here at Wristpect Sport, such that the game and the travels have intertwined and melded into a journey in sport design. It makes me want to proclaim:


Our Beach Tennis wristband set is unique in that the sweet pink seashells are hand drawn by our graphic artists and it’s the first time we’ve used part of our Wristpect Sport logo by way of the black ‘W’ shown near the throat of each racket.Beach Tennis wristband set in pretty pink, white and hints of yellow

Yes, the ‘W’ serves as a bit of brand recall but we quickly decided as a team that the ‘W’ is infused into the design to remind our customers that while pink is sweet, getting the ‘W’ (the WIN) and being competitive as a woman in sports is o.k.!

We enjoy sharing our love of tennis and desire to serve as a tennis resource for you so we've included a list of some top tennis beach destinations (some are not by the beach but oh so worthy!). CLICK here for more. 

We know many of our customers just like you know the real deal on beach and tennis destinations so please share with us and others by commenting below or email us your ideas to bounceback@wristpectsport.com.

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