Playing UNAFRAID and with FIRE! Halloween Tennis Fashion

Bat image for Halloween

Our belief is, the month of October is NOT so scary! 

Translation:  Play UNAFRAID tennis & throw a little FIRE into your on court fashion!

Take for example Wristpect Sport athlete, Lucas Brown. His sense of fire-y tennis fashion and inclusion of bold reds spooked his opponents such that he recently won an Excellence tournament while beating boys nearly 2-3 years older than him!

Below, Lucas pairs a red and black abstract short design with our Crimson wristband (from the Crimson Tide set). The juxtaposition of pattens and the pairing of reds are BRILLIANT and BOLD! His look is contemporary and masculine and Lucas exudes confidence while maintaining his humble demeanor.

Lucas Brown wearing bold red and black shorts with Wristpect Sport's Crimson wristband

 And while red is a key color for men and boys, women gravitate towards its depths as well. Women's tennis leagues across the country are choosing red for their team uniforms and/or adding a spot of red to make black and/or white uniforms stand out. This is where Wristpect Sport brings the fire-y accessory advantage and encourages you to:

Play UNAFRAID in your game! And had some zest to your fashion!

And the WINNER is...Lucas Brown! Lucas chalks up the wins not only in tennis but with his fashion; yet more importantly, with his great attitude and well mannered ways!

Lucas Brown standing with Crimson wristband and red and black shorts 

 Thank you Lucas!

(PS, naturally Wristpect Sport does NOT condone actually playing with real fire just the colors on the tennis court! LOL!)

Boldly yet wristpectfully, 










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