Realizing Why Rio Tennis Really Rates High for Us

Of all the nerve. A recent conversation with family and friends about the 2016 Summer Olympics resulted in non-tennis players telling me, a tennis player, that tennis was not an Olympic sport this year, again. As if tennis is not ever a sport. My mind reeled:

"Am I the delusional and misinformed person of the group?"

Then, cut to an image flashing across my mind of Bethanie Mattek Sands, the Williams Sisters, Coco Vandeweghe, Madison Keys and Jack Sock saddling up next to me during this conversation.

To have those world class athletes titles, muscle, grit, sport fashion and pride next to me would have made the non-believers feel they had been socked square in the nose about their inaccuracy.

Tennis is happening right now in Rio and here's why it's so important!

2016 Summer Games logo from Rio

  • Tennis was part of the 1896 inaugural Summer Games! BOOM! Tennis was embraced from the beginning!
  • BUT 'awww man', it got dropped after the 1924 games due to disputes about whether amateur players should/should not be included.
  • Then, another sum of years blew by and in 1968 and 1984 tennis was allowed to re- prove itself as a sport BUT only in a demonstration format.
Do the non-believers of our sport not realize tennis players don't waffle when it comes to choice making? 
To a tennis player, it's either IN or OUT! Literally.

    Well, tennis is IN the 2016 Summer Olympics! Unfortunately some of our favorites have fought hard and lost BUT they all continue to support one another! We hope you're watching and cheering our US players!

    Should we need to prove our sports worth, we're happy to challenge
    the non-believers in a best of 3 sets
    OR at least arm wrestle them!

    Wristpect Sport sponsored athlete Lucas Brown arm wrestles in Wristpect Sport wristbands

    (Wristpect Sport sponsored athlete Lucas Brown shown arm wrestling in 'Ball' wristband of the 'Play ball!' set. Off camera, athlete Loida Brown wears our 'Beach' wristband from the 'Beach Tennis' wristband set)

    P.S., 1 last cool factoid: any tennis player that wins all 4 major tennis events on tour AND a Gold medal in the Olympics is considered to have a GOLDEN SLAM! 

    USA! USA! USA!

    Here's to the colors of our world and RIO!

    Rio Summer Games image with Wristpect Sport wristbands






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