Refer a Tennis Club- Win FREE Tennis Accessories from Wristpect Sport!

Let's just start with saying THANK YOU! 

Wristpect Sport is a business yes, but it's run by real people who don't find it odd to make friends with the many people and customers we meet each day. And we've had some pretty fabulous customers who have unselfishly --and on their own volition--stayed on the lookout for homes for Wristpect Sport wristband products in the cities, states and clubs they frequent while playing their tennis. 

Country Club Sign

From these unselfish efforts, we get to hang out in some pretty great tennis settings! 

Wristpect Sport wristbands hanging on shelves of top tennis retailers and clubs

Know of a club, pro shop, or tennis store near you that you think would be a great match for carrying Wristpect Sport wristbands?

Pro Shop sign

Maybe that club or store needs a little color, and/or fashion shake up in the accessory department? 

Here's how YOU can

WIN FREE TENNIS ACCESSORIES for referring us to a club:

1. Be on the lookout for clubs, stores, and pro shops you think Wristpect Sport products would be a good fit for. Mention our brand to the Director of Tennis, store owner or accessory buyer.

2. Then, email us at with:

  • The name of the club/pro shop,
  • City and State
  • And, the contact person we should follow-up with so we may secure their desired wristband order. If they order Wristpect Sport products, viola:

You WIN!

3. You WIN a Wristpect Sport Gratitude Swag Bag that contains 1 double wristband and 1 single wristband pack of your choice, along with 1 Wristpect Sport hat (while hat supplies last)! 

4. Finally, don't forget to include YOUR name, address AND wristband packs and hat of preference in your email to so we may send you your Wristpect & Gratitude Swag Bag!

It takes a village of sweaty tennis lovers to spread and share the charm of a small company across the globe! For that, we say thank you, again.


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