Serve & Volley Tennis- a Thing of Beauty!

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The other evening I jumped off the couch to stand in front of the TV to watch what I was seeing CLOSER!

And there it was, a SERVE AND VOLLEY female tennis player on my television set!

And not just any female player, it was Taylor Townsend from the United States playing and beating Simona Halep in the US Open! I was literally moved---from couch to standing--- by Taylor's stellar display of serve and volley! It was as if I wanted to be at the net with her too! I'd never seen anything like it since the days of Martina Navratilova--one of my first tennis idols (along with Bethanie Mattek Sands, one of my current idols).

I play serve and volley and if you don't, or are still learning how to play this style of tennis you'll find it is an adrenaline inducing form of play! It's like the bungee cord to the bungee jumper...the zip to the line in zip lining. 

Serve and Volley Tennis is Just that Exhilarating!

And there was Taylor Townsend doing it 106 times in ONE match! I was smitten. I was beaming...

...I wanted to run outside and scream with joy!

Taylor Townsend image

Ladies and gentlemen this was top notch tennis! Duh, Taylor is a pro player it should be good.

But this was like silk mixed with fire mixed with goose bumps

and I loved it!

And Taylor didn't just approach the net after serving, she sought out the net anytime she could like she was after her favorite blankie from her childhood. The NET is where she feels comfortable, relaxed and safe. Most do not think of the net as safety in tennis but it is my safe haven as well. And when you play it, you will realize it is indeed a thing of beauty!

Writing this, I realize life is also lived AT THE NET! Going to the net is similar to the desire to move forward in life. And, at the net, you can look another in the eye--respectfully. You can bear your authentic genuine character at the net. And you can shake hands and be touched by another soul. 

Upon reading this please:

  1. Try SERVE and VOLLEY if you have not 
  2. If you HAVE tried it, do it MORE!
  3. And tell your kids, grandma and neighbor to serve and volley---it's a way of life!

      Click here to find more on Taylor Townsend 

      View this video to see Taylor in action at the net!

      This video does not show Taylor serve and volleying but is sums up her play rather well and with flair from these two gentleman:

       ...and off I go to the net!




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