Swiss Miss Tennis & Indian Wells Tennis Fashion

When you're in the heat of the desert, Swiss Miss hot chocolate does NOT sound good considering the scorcher temps during the day! Now, cool evenings, that may be a different story?

All righty, we're missing the BNP Paribas tennis scene of Indian Wells since our recent return from this awesome tournament event! It was there that we got our first live looks at two of the greatest Swiss players the sport of tennis has ever known: Roger Federer and Stan Warinka.

While watching Stan-The-Man during day two practice sessions a poetic moment presented itself. There amid the hot desert temps we could not help but notice how the snow capped peaks of the mountains in the distance framed this man from Switzerland in the foreground!

It tickled us such that we snapped this photo (below).

Stan Warinka 2017 BNP Paribas Courtesy Wristpect Sport

Stan was every bit as quiet as he appears on TV--even a bit shy. He works steadily and consistently in his practice sessions and as with most of the pro players, seeing his mechanics of the game up close places you in awe!

Repetition is not for the distracted, weak or board. Repetition builds greatness.

(Here Stan Warinka hits backhand after backhand with ease and intensity)

Stan Warinka hitting a backhand compliments of Wristpect Sport

As day turned to evening, near pandaemonium broke out when the crowds stayed to get a glimpse of Roger Federer practicing. Roger snagged an evening practice session under the lights and with much more ideal cooler temps than Stan. Patience and lack of complaining amidst the impatient and tired crowd rewarded us with box seating 4th row to see the G.O.A.T. (if you're not savvy with farm vocabulary, G.O.A.T. stands for Greatest Of All Time)---Roger Federer!

Roger is for sure all business during practice but there is a lightness and airy-ness that has come with his success, tenure on tour and the wisdom of age. He smiles, jokes a bit, acknowledges the crowd and displays a sheer desire to keep playing this game--A.K.A, no signs of burn out, no signs of the body wanting to stop!

He is now, in our opinion more graceful in his movement about the court than he ever has been.

Roger Federer compliments of Wristpect Sport photography

 Roger Federer 2017 BNP Paribas- compliments Wristpect sport photography

It was hard to leave the rustic setting of the desert and this enjoyable tournament but we'll for sure be on grounds again soon!

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Did you attend the BNP Paribas this year (or years previous)?

Feel free to comment and let us know who you watched during practices/matches.

 (All images taken by & the property of Wristpect Sport)    


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