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Do you love team tennis?       Do you love your tennis team?

If your answer is yes then Wristpect Sport! has a deal that's right for you--and your teammates! Let us partner with you and your team to accessorize you for a winning season.

team tennis with dynamic duo

Whether your team wears a matching uniform, or specific team color, or not; Wristpect Sport wants to offer your team sponsorship. Everyone needs to mop their sweat and we want you to do it fashionably, while saving!

Wristpect Sport studies the latest tennis fashion and we keep both colors and patterns in mind when designing our wristbands. This makes it easy for you to find a set that is tailored to your teams look.

sandestin team tennis Tennis AnyWon

To qualify for sponsorship:

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  • Buy 8 wristband packs or more to receive a 30% Team Tailoring discount
  • Take team photo and post it Wristpect Sport! wristbands on Wristpect Sport's Facebook OR Instagram page
  • Have fun with your team!


acics and wristpect sport wristbands


Keep partnering with us season to season and we'll keep the savings coming because who doesn't like freshening up their tennis attire EVERY season? 

How Unique Tennis Fashion Positively Affects 2 Juniors from 1 Lovely Family

Junior Tennis Player Lucas Brown Wearing Wristpect Sport

(Lucas Brown after taking first place in boys 16's A Draw- DTA SCMZ)

In the Texas tennis world, it's no secret that Lucas Brown is one to watch in juniors AND is a Wristpect Sport ambassador sponsored by our company. Lucas has been wearing our unique 2- fabric- construction wristbands since he was in elementary school! Lucas is talented, loyal and respectful. He is a perfect fit for the essence of the Wristpect Sport brand.

It's also no big secret that Lucas has a talented little sister named Karla who is also making a name for herself in Texas tennis. Lucas and Karla put forth talent, good grades, beautiful smiles all while extending respect in sport and life! Together they are part of one of the nicest families you will come across here, or in any state!

Karla Brown Junior Tennis Player story by Wristpect Sport

(Karla Brown after taking first place in a Girls 12's B Draw- Texas)


Simple. At any age, it feels good to get FREE STUFF and personally experience a brands fashion photoshoot BUT when you're a junior, it's a SUPER BIG boost to the young person. It makes them feel confident and closer to their dreams and goals in sports. Representing a sport accessory product lets them be creative with their fashion and self expression. And a fashion photoshoot forces them to listen, deliver a moment, become more at ease with themselves, and have a great time with the adults that conduct that photoshoot.

We could go on about Lucas and Karla Brown but for now you may check out more about them on our site: wristpectsport.com, or tennisrecruiting.net and of course on our Facebook page. 

Below, you'll see, the camera loves both Lucas and Karla! And each is unafraid to bring a little serious and A LOT of goofy! They're our kind of junior brand ambassadors! Thank you both!

Past photoshoot pics with Lucas and Karla: 

Lucas Brown Wristpect Sport Athlete Wearing Play Ball wristband set .    Lucas Brown Junior Tennis Player Wearing Wristpect Sport Crimson Tide Wristband Set


Karla Brown Junior Tennis Player Modeling Wristpect Sport wristband .  Karla Brown junior tennis player having fun on location with Wristpect Sport




More on Rio and Tennis and Why We Love It!

Spirit wristband on Bethanie at 2016 Olympics

If you read our recent blog, Realizing Why Rio Tennis Really Rates High for Us, then you know we at Wristpect Sport are avid tennis players and fans not only of the sport of tennis but also of the Olympics.

This Summer Olympic games were more epic than ever! Wristpect Sport was blessed to have one of our wristbands worn by USA competitor Bethanie Mattek-Sands. Bethanie is known in the tennis world for sporting fashion like no other! In fact some lovingly call her the Lady Gaga of tennis.

Bethanie and doubles partner Coco Vandeweghe lost a close one to the silver medal team of Timea Bacsinsinszky and Martina Hingis.

Bethanie shown here with mixed partner Jack Sock made it ALL THE WAY to the top of the podium winning OLYMPIC GOLD!

Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Jack Sock

Wristpect Sport is more than a little honored to be worn on the wrist of a Gold medalist! Much as we would like to think we helped, we know better than to think that our little sweatband had anything to do with Bethanie’s gold medal ways. Still, we can’t help but think wearing some USA Spirit albeit on your head, feet or your arms, didn’t hurt!

Bethanie Mattek-Sands hugs Jack Sock 2016


Spread Love social media image by Wristpect Sport

2016 Australian Open Fashion

Fashion, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. And as it goes, you can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, BUT you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

The Australian Open marks the beginning of the tennis Open season and with it a burst of tennis fashion. World number 1 Serena Williams owns as bold of a fashion style as she does a tennis game. According to Tennis Tuesday, this year Serena’s Nike togs were “…a little bit too much, or too little. The midriff-baring ensemble was unique, but just doesn’t really work, and the skirt looks more suited for a ballerina.” I totally agree with Tennis Tuesday’s assessment.Serena and Maria Sharapova wearing 2016 Australian Open fashion

In a Poll for Australian Open Best Dressed run by the WTA, Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic garnered 39% and 36% of the votes respectively. Though I think Maria always wears a flattering dress I personally prefer to wear skirts more than dresses. With a dress I have less flexibility to to mix and match to keep it looking fresh or slightly different and a dress usually looks best on those athletes with VERY flat stomachs. Ana’s ensemble was also a dress. Angelique Kerber wore the same print in Adidas as Ana wore, only in a top and skirt. She failed to make even an honorable mention in the WTA Poll. I would credit her with Ana’s numbers since it was the same print and I would even consider wearing it myself!

Ana Ivanovic and Angelique Kerber wearing 2016 Australian Open fashion

With all the money top athletes earn with their clothing contracts, one would think that the big guys like NIKE and ADIDAS would want the athletes to showcase the styles most of us recreational players will wear. This just doesn’t seem to be true anymore. I know that pro shops across the country will carry that yellow crop top but I can’t think of anyone I know who will be buying it.

Wristpect Sport is currently working on new designs, which, God willing and the creek don’t rise, will be here in time for the summer sweaty season. So stay tuned and feel free to comment and let us know what you would like to see us design!


All photos found publically posted on the internet

Yia-Yia Inspired Fashion

She came to the US on a boat at 17 with the memories of dirt floors, farm living and her Greek ‘Horio’ (village) behind her. She was a scrappy girl who milked goats and was known as a ‘snake wrangler’-- as a baby she innocently squeezed a small snake in her hand, as she lay under the trees of the Greek countryside as her parents worked the farms.

With no more than a middle school education she had learned the trade of sewing. When she entered the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave she had her trade, her sisters and the dream of changing that indelible moment of her childhood that made her families poverty evident; her father had told her they had no money –not even enough for the church giving tray.

Her trade took her first, to Neiman Marcus where the affluent regulars sought her out to alter their clothing. Neiman’s turned into her owning her own alteration shop in one of the wealthiest cities in Dallas, Texas. Over time, her family grew successfully and she retired because she was now a 'Yia -Yia' (grandmother).

One day, I needed help for a product idea. And there was Yia-Yia ready to help our team with taking the simplest fabric based idea and sewing it ‘to life.’ It wasn’t a noble idea, like a cure for a disease; yet it had never been done before.

Yia Yia had sewn our first Wristpect Sport wristband sample.

It was an immensely helpful visual that enabled our factory to replicate it, thus making mass production possible!

All Wristpect Sport wristbands are Yia-Yia inspired bits of fashion.

OPA and ‘afharisto ‘ (thank you) Yia-Yia!

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