What's Your Lucky Charm for Tennis and/or Pickleball?


Wristpect Sport March Green Savings image

Top 'O the day to you!

March is not the only month that we feel lucky--it's each month! And here's just a few of the ways we're flat out lucky:

  • We have wonderful families
  • We get to create a fashion oriented product for a sport we love
  • We get to play tennis and other sports as adults--which means we're still kids at heart
  • We have met and made friends with so many of you!

If you're reading this because you too are a tennis lover we'd like to know:

What's your LUCKY CHARM for Tennis and/or Pickleball?

To be specific, what do you carry in your bag, wear on court, say or do for good luck before your matches?

The staff of Wristpect Sport has carried these lucky charms in our bags for years:

  • Lucky penny from our high school tennis coach
  • A Green swatch of ribbon from mom 
  • A green Shamrock coin 
  • Pictures of our children when they were little 

Lucky items carried by Wristpect Sport

(These goofy cute pictures of my son years ago brought me both luck and a chance to bring things into perspective during any intense match!)

Naturally we think our wristbands have a fair amount of luck to them--really! It's a positive mojo that not only we have felt but customers (who have written in to us) as well! And it can't hurt to say, we firmly believe our festive wristbands have brought a little something extra to pro tennis player, Bethanie Mattek Sands. And in return she has been oh so gracious--and LUCKY for us!

We wish you all the best of luck on court, AND in life!

In case you missed our March festivities:

Now through March 31st find the color GREEN in our wristbands and SAVE 20%!

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Are You Wearing Wristbands When You Play Tennis & Pickleball?

This may be the image that flashes in your mind when you

think of typical WRISTBANDS...

...and you may feel compelled to leave...


This is a brief article (not to be confused with an article on men's briefs😛) about a different kind of wristband.

So, whether you ARE wearing wristbands when you play tennis or pickleball, or you have yet to try a wristband, we hope to bear all (not the naked kind) on what makes Wristpect Sport wristbands different!

  1. We couldn't stand to see those little pieces of fabric that typical wristbands were made with continue to be pumped out with little regard for design and mostly made for men (as shown above).
  2. And it wasn't o.k. to have cheap scratchy terry cloth material lose its shape and show little unwanted loops of uneven sewing! 

It may seem odd that we felt called to both celebrate the mopping of sweat and design something more fashionable but someone had to do it!

So how did we make the wristband more fashionable and MORE functional?

We sandwiched TWO FABRICS together --not because we were hungry but because we landed on a way to design the patterns and colors of the wristband any way we wanted while ALSO allowing it to both absorb AND wick sweat! Ta-Da!

Wristpect Sport 2-fabric construction image with tennis player

None of this makes us rocket scientists or noble prize recipients but we are the people behind (not that 'behind') Wristpect Sport.

We're here for YOU---the tennis player!

YOU---the pickleball player!

And YOU--- the sweat lovin' guy or gal!

Tennis player wearing Fashion wristband by Wristpect Sport

(Tennis player wearing Fashion wristband from the Fashion Forward wristband set)

Pickleball player wearing Wristpect Sport wristband

(Pickleball player AND tennis lover shown wearing Graffiti wristband from the Graffiti Garden wristband set). 

Yes, while we predominately make female inspired designs and patterns we do have gender neutral patterns that plenty of guys love! And we hear Will Ferrell is quite a tennis player-- so join us in adding the hashtag #WillFerrellWearOurWristbands to your social media posts! 😆

Will Ferrel playing tennis


We're Not in a Pickle Anymore about Pickle Ball- The Game, the Fashion and the People!

Pickleball image by Wristpect Sport

There are paddles, dinking and plastic wiffle-like balls...the only thing that's missing is some actual pickles!

That's the extent of my knowledge of the game of pickleball thus far. You're welcome--glad I could help! I even had to Google how to spell pickleball 'cause my spell checker does NOT like when I unite the two words, 'pickle,' and 'ball.' But then, I have to spell check a lot of things. 

Like a fine piano student, I was classically trained in the game of tennis; you know the kind with a yellow ball, longer racket and all the love stuff.

But pickleball seems to be washing around me these days like a fine brine and I seem to be marinating in its frenzy and allure.

Wristpect Sport customers are requesting pickleball themed wristbands, everyone I have email correspondence with seems to bring up the game of pickleball. And, my buddy Kenny, from junior tennis told me I NEED to try this game since I love to volley.

And just the other day, a USPTA PPR pickleball instructor and great guy by the name of Fred Drilling (a current Wristpect Sport customer and now a nice friend)  stated he played pickleball with Pete Sampras's sister, Stella Sampras AND he showed her and other players our clever wristbands. This means so very much to us!

Fred Drilling USPTA PPR image shared by Wristpect Sport

(Fred Drilling shown wearing our Stars & Stripes wristband set for tennis)

And, then there's this great lady by the name of Loretta Savary (who is also now a Wristpect Sport customer and fast becoming a super great email pal and friend) who shared some really great pickleball sites and video links with us (below).  Again, we are grateful for not only the insight but the friendships and joys we are encountering through racket and--now paddle-- sports!

Pickleball Sites & Links



    Action Nationals Pickleball image shared by Wristpect Sport(Loretta Savary Nationals action shot) 

    Do you play pickleball? Can you teach us a thing or two about this zesty sport?

    Email us at bounceback@wristpectsport.com anything about pickleball. 

    • Where do you shop for your pickleball mania stuff?
    • How did you learn the game?
    • What is the fashion out there on the courts (or in the jar)?
    • Do you like the sound a pickleball makes?
    • What wristband designs would you suggest for Wristpect Sport?

    And someone please put me out of my misery are there pickles involved somehow in this sport? 😉

    i.e. do you drink pickle juice afterwards, are the trophies shaped like pickles? Was the person who invented the sport named Patty Picklesmith, etc.

    Here's to fun in sport and life!

    How can you tell the difference between pickleball and tennis?

    Would it be rude to answer that question with “By the average age of the player?” Maybe I can say that because many of my tennis friends are spending more and more of their time playing pickleball instead of tennis and if they are my friends they may be the ones helping to skew the age averages! Though after researching this a little I might have discovered that my friends are not skewing the averages as much as I thought! While I personally do not understand their newfound love of pickleball, I am intrigued by it.

    average of pickleball players

    I tried playing pickleball one time. I took my tennis partner to play it for her birthday. Neither of us had ever played before but luckily there were some people playing who were happy to teach us. While I do not remember exactly all of the rules I do remember we had fun.

    Tennis is an outdoor sport for me. I do not have a membership to any indoor tennis facilities. But living in north Texas we get to play outdoors most of the year, though November through March can have a lot of iffy weather days. Pickleball has many more accessible indoor courts, mostly because the size of the pickleball court is much smaller and park districts have been able to put them into their already existing basketball gyms. That way it is accessible to the general public and it is not nearly so pricy to play indoors as tennis.

    Now to really address what the difference is between pickleball and tennis. Some players describe pickleball as a combination of tennis and badminton with a touch or Ping-Pong. This ball-and-paddle game is played on a badminton-sized court where the net has been lowered to 34 inches at the center, more like tennis. The paddles are wood or composite, and are about twice the size of a Ping-Pong paddle. It is played with a plastic, perforated ball (much like a Whiffle ball).

    In my research for this blog I did not see anything about pickleball attire. When I played my one and only time it seemed to me that everyone playing wore the usual gym attire. While that may be handy there is something to be said for a sport that has an entire line of attire just for it, and shoes named for it too, not to mention the accessorizing. I for one find accessorizing with my Wristpect Sport wristbands an integral part of my tennis game. But for real, I can find choosing my water bottle or towel an integral part of my game! (Ask my tennis partner; it is true!)

    katy wearing a rainbow of fashionable wristbands 

    If you are reading this and if somehow you decide to try pickleball, don’t forget to wear your Wristpect Sport wristbands. Not only will you set yourself apart for the rest of the playing field you will look fabulous as you attempt to play brilliantly and that is never a bad thing!